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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第13集 第13期

我以为解决他会更难 You know, I thought it would be harder 但并非如此 to take him down, but it wasn't. 怎么回事 What's going on? 我在倒计时 I'm counting down the minutes. 倒计时再次杀了我的女儿吗 What, before you try and kill my daughter again? 这不是你的女儿 That is not your daughter. 她是个怪物 That is a monster. 你给了你的怪物第二次机会 You gave your monster a second chance. 在他竭尽全力兑现自己的承诺后 After he worked his ass off to redeem himself 在他为了阻止凯登·詹姆斯 and after he gave his life 而丧命后 to stop Cayden James, 所以如果你真的要拿文斯和 so if you seriously want to compare 劳蕾尔作比较 我建... Vince to Laurel, I sugg-- 我知道她做了什么 I know. I know what she's done. 我不是傻子 I'm not an idiot. 但没有人应该去死 即使是她 But no one deserves to die, not even her. 你错了 You're wrong. 一旦这些都结束了 And once this is all over 如果凯登·詹姆斯没有杀死她 If Cayden James doesn't kill her, 我保证我会自己动手 I sure as hell am gonna take my shot. 我爸爸在哪里 他说很快回来的 Where's my dad? He said he'd be right back. 我知道 他会的 yeah. I--I know. And he will. 只不过今晚的事情 It's just that things 发展得出乎他的预料 didn't really go as he planned tonight, 出乎我们任何人的预料 The way any of us have planned. 所以需要更久的时间 So it's taking a long time. 他会没事的 He's gonna be ok, ok? 好的 Ok. 我发现阿纳托利和他的朋友们 I've got eyes on Anatoly and a few of his friends. 看起来他们弄到了一架直升机 Looks like they got themselves a helicopter. 定位追踪 下次我再回到城市 我希望它已是灰烬 Next time I come back to city, I hope it is ash. 兜帽男 现身吧 Kapiushon! Show yourself. 城市马上就要变成弹坑了 City is about to become crater. 你想让我进监狱 好啊 You want to put me in prison? Fine. 拜托是在城外的 Just out of town, please.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Arrow-06-13-13.html