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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第06集 第13期

所以算法继续分析 So the victimology algorithm moved on 十二宫杀手的其他关联 to crazy zodiac killer kind of stuff. 比如查找回文 Such as looking for anagrams 看看普罗米修斯是否 in case Prometheus was sending a message 通过遇害者姓名传达信息 in the names of the victims he's been choosing. -是这样吗 -差不多 - Is he? - Kind of. 最开始的四名遇害者 First 4 victims-- 托拜厄斯·丘奇 山姆·科纳汉 彼得·梅尔德 盖伊·埃克德 Tobias Church, Sam Conahan, Peter Meld, and Gay Eked. 第三第四位遇害者不是随机选取的 Victims 3 and 4 were not random. 我们觉得普罗米修斯是通过遇害者 We think Prometheus is using those names 姓名的回文拼出别的名字 as anagrams to spell out other names. 亚当·亨特 泰德·盖纳 帕默尔·寇克斯 萨奇·彼奇 Adam Hunt, Ted Gaynor, Palmer Cokes, Sachi Beech. 我们该认识这些人吗 Those names supposed to mean anything to us? 他认识 They do to him. 你要告诉我们吗 Care to enlighten? 这些名字都在名单上 Those names are on the list. 名单是什么东西 What the hell is the list? 我来理清一下 Let me get this straight. 你有一个待杀名单 You got a to kill list, 你还说我失控 and I'm the out-of-control one? 我还没用过那份名单 I haven't used that list, 我四年没看过它了 I haven't looked at it in 4 years. 等等 四年 我以为兜帽下面 Wait. 4 years? I thought there was 是另一个人 some other guy in the hood. 不 就是奥利弗 兜帽兄 绿箭 No. That was Oliver. The hood, the Arrow, 绿箭侠...都是他 Green arrow-- all him. 那本笔记本是我父亲的 That notebook belonged to my father, 刚开始的时候 and when I was first starting out, 我以为杀掉名单上的人就能拯救城市 I thought that it was my way to save the city. 我觉得我们知道普罗米修斯 Well, I think we now know the message 想要传达的讯息了 Prometheus is trying to send. 你懂了 我没懂啊 你们呢 You do? Because I don't. Do you guys? 他是在说你是那个连环杀手 He's saying you're the serial killer. 好过分啊 但觉得挺靠谱 Harsh, but feeling pretty accurate. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Arrow-05-06-13.html