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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第06集 第12期

在给奥利弗传达讯息 that Prometheus is sending to Oliver. 让他出来迎战 He's calling him out. 听起来像是...我猜... Sounds like--and I'm guessing-- 你和金发女早就知道了 You and blondie have known about this a while. 对 一点也不侮辱 Yeah. That's not insulting at all. 伊芙琳 这无关感受或自尊 Evelyn, this isn't about feelings or ego. 我们不得不小心谨慎 We had to vet the situation. 他的意思是一流队伍 He means the "A" Team had to 必须确保二流队伍有资格 make sure the "B" Team was worthy enough 参加行动 for being kept in the loop. 行了 这里只有一支队伍 绿箭队 All right. The only team here is Team Arrow, 其实我是站你们这边的 and I actually agree with you guys, 但现在整座城市正陷入疯狂 所以... but the whole city is going nutso crazy right now, so-- 她说得对 以后有的是时间开批斗大会 She's right. There's plenty of time for this later. 柯蒂斯留下 我需要你帮我 Except for Curtis. I need your brain 设计这个被害者算法 on this victimology algorithm. -长官 -被害者算法 - Sir. - Victimology algorithm. 现在很像电影"十二宫杀手" This is just like "Zodiac," 我就像杰克·吉伦希尔 and I'm Jake Gyllenhaal. 等等 你不该是... Wait. Wouldn't you be-- 别夺走我心爱的角色 Don't take this from me. 奥利 你在哪里 Ollie, where are you? 这里现在简直是人间地狱 This place is going through 5 kinds of hell right now. 奥利弗 发给昆汀·兰斯 你在哪里 查到了什么 What do we have? 你们介不介意离开一下 让我们独处 You guys, uh, think you want to clear the room for us? 没开玩笑吧 兄弟 Seriously, bro? 费利西蒂和柯蒂斯有所发现 Felicity and Curtis found something. 我们都想知道情况 We want to know what it is. 对啊 我们是一个团队 Yeah. We're a team, 至少以前是 Or at least we were. 行 有什么发现 Fine. What do we have? 刚开始并没有发现什么 At first, not much of anything. 遇害者的住址 个人经历和最喜欢的颜色 No links between home addresses, personal histories, 全无关联 favorite colors, nada. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/Arrow-05-06-12.html