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Those receiving thank you cards from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this month might have noticed something rather familiar. 这个月收到来自威廉王子和凯特王妃的感谢卡看起来是不是觉得有点眼熟。 As is custom William and Kate sent thank you notes to everyone who had been kind enough to send their best wishes on their seventh wedding anniversary on April 29. 作为一种惯例,卡特和威廉向参加在4月29日参加他们结婚7周年的来宾赠送祝福感谢卡。 Fronting the card was a photo of the couple during their India and Bhutan tour in 2016 - exactly the same image the palace used last year. 感谢卡上的照片是两人2016年在印度和不丹旅行时拍的,而且去年的感谢卡上也是这张照片。 In the photo the Duke and Duchess are seen smiling before the camera during their Himalayan trek to Bhutan's Tiger Nest monastery. 两人从喜马拉雅跋涉到不丹的虎穴寺,在镜头前两人微笑拍下了这张照片。 Photos of the card were shared by royal fan Jessica, 22, from Italy on her Instagram account Royal Addicted 2, which boasts over 200,000 followers. 22岁意大利的杰西卡,在她名为王室忠粉2的ins账户上分享了这张照片,该账户已经有20万的粉丝关注。 The couple have previously been CRIticised for sending out identical messages of thanks on every occasion. 这对王室夫妇因每次场合都用相同的模板信息而被指责。 Not only do they send the same 'warmest thanks and best wishes' time after time, but the message on their cards is identical to that used by Prince Charles and Camilla. 不光是威廉和凯特每次都用“最真挚的感谢和祝福”,这样类似话语在查尔斯王子和卡米拉的感谢卡上也出现过。 The faux pas was revealed by an Instagram account Royal Letters, which shows that Kate and William have sent out the same response on no fewer than four separate occasions. 这个看似无伤大雅一事有被ins上Royal Letters爆出,称凯特和威廉使用相同的模板不少于4次。 It seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are still yet to broaden their vernacular as they are still sending their 'warmest thanks' and 'best wishes'. 看来剑桥公爵及其夫人要扩充他们的词汇,不然一直就只会用“最真挚的感谢和祝福”。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/572784.html