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Attempted suicides and suicidal thoughts are on the rise among school-age children and teenagers, according to a new study published in Pediatrics. Based on data from 31 children's hospitals around the country, the percentage of emergency room visits related to suicidal thoughts or attempts more than doubled over an 8-year period-from 0.66% in 2008 to 1.82% in 2015. 《儿科》杂志发表的一项新研究表明:自杀未遂和有自杀念头的学龄儿童和青少年的数量正在上升。基于全国31所儿童医院的数据,我们得知:与自杀念头或自杀未遂相关的急诊事件在8年期间增加了一倍多--从2008年的0.66%涨至2015年的1.82%。 Overall, 115,856 suicide-related encounters were included in the study, nearly two-thirds of which involved girls. Hospitalization rates increased from 2008 to 2015 across all age groups, with the highest increases among 15- to 17-year-olds, followed by 12- to 14-year-olds. Rates increased for both boys and girls, but the spike was higher in girls. 总体而言,研究包含了115856位与自杀相关的受试者,其中近三分之二的受试者为女孩。所有年龄段的住院率在2008至2015年间有所增加,15至17岁的受试者住院率增加最高,其次为12至14岁。男孩、女孩的住院率都有所增长,但女孩的增加率更高。 Lead author Gregory Plemmons, MD, associate professor of clinical pediatrics at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University, says the idea for the study came from anecdotal evidence they were seeing in their own emergency department. 首席作者、范德比尔特大学Monroe Carell Jr.儿童医院的临床儿科学副教授格雷戈里·普莱蒙斯(Gregory Plemmons)医学博士表示,之所以做这项研究,是因为当时他们在自己的急诊室看到了轶事证据。 "We were seeing more kids coming in and being admitted with these issues, and we decided to look at what was going on nationwide," Dr. Plemmons told Health. "We were a little surprised to see that this is not just a local trend, but it's something that's happening all over the country." "我们看到越来越多的儿童进入急诊室,承认他们有自杀问题,所以我们决定研究全国范围内的情况,"普莱蒙斯博士对《健康》杂志说道。"我们惊讶的发现:这不仅存在于本地,而且全国各地都在发生。" The researchers also noticed a surprising seasonal trend: Rates were highest during the fall and spring and lowest in the summer. October accounted for nearly twice as many encounters as July. 研究人员还注意到另一个令人吃惊的季节性趋势:秋季和春季的自杀率最高、夏季的自杀率最低。10月份自杀未遂的人数是七月份的2倍之多。 "It seems like the school year probably has an influence," says Dr. Plemmons. "About 6 to 8 weeks after school started, nationwide we had twice as many kids coming in." This is especially surprising, Dr. Plemmons adds, because rates of suicidal thoughts and attempts among adults tend to follow the opposite pattern: They occur more in May, June, and July than in any other months. "似乎学年对自杀率也有影响,"普莱蒙斯说道。"开学后6至8周左右,我们注意到全国范围内住院的儿童翻了一番。"这尤为令人惊讶,普莱蒙斯博士说道,因为成年人自杀念头和自杀未遂的比率往往遵循与此相反的模式:五六七三个月份的自杀率比其它月份更高。 "We think what may be happening is that once school is back in session, cliques form again and cyberbullying increases," says Dr. Plemmons. "It's a very different world today than the middle school or high school that we as adults grew up in." "我们认为,这可能是因为一旦开学,学生会再次形成派系、网络霸凌也在增加,"普莱蒙斯博士说道。"现在的世界已完全不是我们当年读初高中的世界了。" 译文属Tingvoa原创,仅供学习交流使用,未经许可请勿转载 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/572783.html