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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第06期

现在开始在意别人怎么看我 担心着 Feeling self-conscious, worrying about, 我的眉毛是不是太浓密了 "Are my eyebrows to bushy? "胡子有没有很奇怪" "Is there a weird beard situation going on?" 所以我要去修理须发 So I'm going to get myself all primmed, preened, 让自己变得整洁而帅气 man-scaped and beautiful. 你们觉得怎么样 What do you guys think? 第3天 粉丝数 我的外表提升了许多 A definite improvement in my looks, 但粉丝数就不见得了 not so much in my following. 第一周结束 我的进度算不上快 By the end of my first week, I'm getting nowhere fast. 第5天 138粉丝 或许康纳能给我点建议 Maybe Conor can give me some pointers. 第8天 粉丝数 我大致看了一下 I had a quick look. 其实我看到你关注我了 I saw you following me, actually. 我昨晚关注了你 I followed you last night, 感觉需要为你180的粉丝数量出点力 because I felt I had to add to the 180. 有时我早上醒来 感觉压力有点大 I'm feeling a little bit of pressure some days, when I wake up, 因为必须要拍一点有趣的照片 that I have to take a picture of something interesting, 必须表现出我有在做些什么 I have to appear that I'm doing something. 老实跟你说 其实我没那么有趣 And, to be honest with you, I'm not that interesting. 无论你觉得照片是否有趣 Whether or not you might think it's interesting, 我向你保证 你的粉丝都会觉得有意思 I promise you, your followers will find it interesting, 因为那是他们对你生活更进一步地了解 cos it's an insight into your life. 对我来说 一旦建立起120万的粉丝帝国 For me, once you build an empire of 1.2 million followers... 你就可以休息几天了 ..You know, you could take a few days off. 你可以放松些 有时候不是非发不可 You can have a bit of a chill, yeah, sometimes you don't have to. 保持稳定的发帖量 So, consistency. 对你现在而言 要有稳定的发帖量 For you right now, it's consistency. 这样我就明白了 OK, just so I've got this straight,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-6.html