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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第05期

粉丝数量在不断增长 The followers just creep up. 很奇怪 他一个周末就涨了50个粉丝 It's weird, he got 50 followers over the weekend. 我并没有做什么特别的事 I didn't do anything in particular, 只是发了他在公园的照片 just pictures of him in the park. 我已经发现 斯蒂威比我更擅长自拍 I've already noticed Stewie takes better selfies than I do. 要知道他已经有三年的经验了 It's been a three-year journey for him, remember. 而你只有一个月 所以... You've got a month, so... 斯蒂威很擅长自拍 Stewie has nailed the selfie, 这对提升粉丝数量似乎很关键 which seems key to getting followers. 现在我要接受一堂大师课了 And now, I'm getting a masterclass. 想要拍出一张图享上的热门照片 My top tip for a banging portrait on Instagram 我的首要诀窍是找好光线 is find the light. 找好光线 利用光线 Find the good light, chase the light. 首要诀窍二 利用光线 我会把镜头往上一点 So, I would take the camera up slightly. 真希望我自拍时能不那么别扭 I just wish I didn't feel so awkward about taking my own picture. 你只需要一扇窗和充足的光线 All you need is a window with plenty of light coming in. 接着就调整角度 Then just play with your angles 你会发现如果你朝这边转一点... and you can see that if you turn more this way... -这样就感觉有点不自然 -是的 - This feels a little bit more contrived. - Yeah. 拍了上百张自拍 Taking 100 pictures of myself. 自拍的精髓在于 The essence of the selfie 你把自己的一部分展示出来 is you're putting some of yourself out there, 就会引起人们的兴趣 and people are interested in you. 我相信你的话 约瑟夫 I'll take your word for it, Joseph. 我觉得这张很棒 机不可失 I think it's a cool picture though, so no time to waste. 新头像上线了 New profile pic is up. 有序排队围观啊 美女们 Form an orderly queue, girls. 我必须承认 这一通自拍 I've got to admit, all this selfie-taking 让我有点担心我的外表 is making me worry about my looks.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-5.html