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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第04期

粉丝的数量会增加吗 would that give me more followers? 图享粉丝4.33万 推特粉丝7482 我叫约瑟夫·辛克莱尔 My name is Joseph Sinclair, 是一个人像摄影师 I'm a photographer specialising in portraiture. 许多名人和品牌常常使用我的作品 A lot of my work is used by celebrities and brands. 我来到泰晤士河防洪闸上一堂摄影课 I've come out to the Thames Barrier for a photography lesson. 位于英国伦敦市中心的水闸 阳光不断地涌入 The sunlight is flooding in. 令人惊叹 这边都是拍摄点 I mean, that is amazing. You've got all these spots here. 图享为摄影人士 Instagram has opened up 打开了一个前所未有的 a whole new world of photography for people 新世界 that wasn't there before. 我会让你来拍 I'll let you take the shot. "我的第一项任务是远镜头照" 'My first task is a landscape shot.' 我挺喜欢那边工厂 I quite like the steam and smoke 冒出的蒸汽和烟雾 that's coming off the factory over there. 那很不错 Yeah, that's cool. 现在光线更好了 The light's even better now, so it might be worth... 那边有一条彩虹 You've got a rainbow there. 没错 看看它 Oh, yeah, look at that. -这你可没法事先计划 -没错 - You'd never be able to plan that. - Yeah. 实际上现在正在下大雨 The fact that it's absolutely pissing down with rain 刚好造就了这令人惊奇的景色 and it's just turned that picture into this amazing scene. 不过 我们能先进去吗 雨下得有点大 Can we go back inside, thoughIt's raining quite a lot. 我们走吧 Let's go, we got it. 接下来 约瑟夫想让我见一个 Next, Joseph wants we to meet someone 正在图享上迅速圈粉的人物 who's killing it on Instagram at the moment. -过来 我把你介绍给他 -好的 - So come over here and I'll introduce you. - Cool. 约瑟夫的狗狗斯蒂威 Joseph's dog Stewie 比我多大约9500个粉丝 has about 9,500 more followers than me, 我现在有点感受到威胁了 and now, I feel intimidated.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-4.html