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三十天成为图享网红(30 Days To Get Instafamous) 第03期

-那样做又不好玩 -没错 没错 - And then where's the fun in that- It's true, it's true. 如果我们到最后 You know what, if we get to the end, 你还没有足够的粉丝 我会为你发状态 and you're struggling, then I'll do it for you. 好 OK. 我有预感也许会让康纳实现他的承诺 I have a feeling I might be taking Conor up on that offer. 不过现在 我最好开始发状态 But now, I'd better get posting. 这就像一条景色美妙的秘密阶梯 It's like a secret back stairway with quite a nice view. 为了配上我的首条天才状态 I need to find a cool picture 我得一张拍酷炫的照片 to go with my genius first caption. 我该微笑还是该严肃 Am I supposed to smile or do I look serious? 大家好 我新加入了图享 Hi, guys, I've joined this new app called Instagram. 我喜欢这张照片里的云 I like what the clouds are doing in this one. 快来关注我吧 不要错过 Come and follow me, be part of the future. 就是这个套路 对吗 So that's the formula, isn't it? 酷图 描述风趣 Cool picture, witty caption, 肯定能随随便便吸到一千粉 surely that's an easy 1,000 followers. 完美 Done. 多了三个粉丝 Three more followers. 七分钟前我发了第一条状态 So, my first post went up seven minutes ago, 现在有两次点赞 五个新粉丝 it's got two likes and it's got me, like, five extra followers. 照这么算 从现在起直到月底 Now, by that math, I'm going to have to do 我必须得再发很多条状态 a lot of posting between now and the end of the month. 第2天 116个粉丝 昨天发的状态出师不利 The response to yesterday's post was rubbish. 我还是没摸到门路 I just didn't get it right somehow. 一张好的图享照片是 A good Instagram photo is... 根据点赞数量 一般都是自拍 According to likes, it's always selfies. 不同寻常的事物 色彩斑斓的事物 Things that are different. Things that are colourful. 人们喜欢看别人的照片 People like other people. 如果我能照出更好的照片 If I knew how to take better pictures,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180711/30-Days-To-Get-Instafamous-3.html