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温暖 Warm

The world is beautiful, not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also of the warm stories that happen among people. It is love, which is the forever theme for human being that makes us to live in a harmonious environment. We appreciate the love theme and feel moved by the warm acts. 世界是美丽的,不仅是因为风景美丽,也是因为人与人之间温暖故事。爱,是人类永恒的主题,使我们生活在一个和谐的环境中。我们赞赏爱这个主题,并被温暖的行为而感动。 Many years ago, the news reported a woman donated a lot of money to the school every year and she did not use her real name. Her acts were moved so many people and everybody wanted to know her name, but she refused the media’s interview. Today, when people talk about her, they used her code name and they praise a nice person by using this name.  许多年前,有新闻报道说,一女性每年向学校捐出一大笔钱,而她却并没有使用真名捐赠。她的行为感动了很多人,每个人都想知道她的名字,但她拒绝了媒体的采访。今天,当人们谈论她的时候,就用她的代号,而且在想表扬一个好人的时候也用她的代号。 There are so many small warm acts around us, such as taking care of the old people, or protecting the environment. Love is inherited from generation to generation, which makes the world better. Nowadays, when a poor people get badly sick, they can college the money from the Internet. With the help of the public, they can get better treatment.  在我们周围有很多细微的温暖行为,比如照顾老人,或者保护环境。爱是代代相传的,爱让这个世界变得更美好。现在,没钱的人病得很厉害的时候,他们可以从互联网上进行众筹。在公众的帮助下,可以得到更好的治疗。 The warm acts dominate the main role and we see the positive power.  温暖的行为占着主导地位,我们看到了积极的力量。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180710/Warm.html