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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第27期

就变成杰西·平克曼个人秀了 是不 It would be the Jesse Pinkman show now, right? 是啊 是啊 确实如此 Yes. Yes, it would have been. -是哇 -该死 - Yeah- Damn it. 真该死 Damn it. 可是靠手猛掷是没法引爆的 Okay, so, but what about it not going off when it was thrown 或者你怎么知道要多少 or how you need a lot of it 才能弄出一个大 大爆炸呢 to make a, you know, big -- a big boom? 那些只是小细节啦 朋友 Those are just details, my friend. -细节 -细节 细节 - Details. - Details, details. 伙计 你说话越来越像沃尔特了 Man, you sound more like Walt every day. 你终于注意到了 I'm glad you're noticing. 广告之后 After the break... 可不再是半调子的实验了 there's no more half measures... 全往一边倒了 It's going over the side. 伙计 Dude! 这些人完全是一路奔着 as the guys go the whole hog 化学灾难去了 for a chemistry catastrophe. 文斯 我非常喜欢这部剧 Vince, I wanted to tell you I'm a huge fan of the show, 而且一直想问一个问题 and I've been wanting to ask this question. 我觉得沃尔特是一个有缺陷的天才 See, I think of Walt as a flawed genius - 确实有聪明才智 Clearly brilliant, 但是对自己的脾气似乎管理不当啊 But also with serious anger-management issues. 是啊 不止是愤怒管理问题 Yeah, you know, and not just anger management. 这个家伙 I mean, this guy -- 他褊狭 脾气坏 He's intolerant, he's bad-tempered, 同时也非常 非常狡猾 But he's also really, really cunning 还有吧 超级有条理性 And, um... Kind of super methodical. 确实如此 Right. Exactly. 我的问题是 So, my question is, 沃尔特这个人物的灵感来源是什么 where did you find inspiration for the character of Walt? 实话说 不能告诉你 Honestly, couldn't really tell you. 这是个谜了 It's a mystery. 这里是《绝命毒师》 It's "Breaking Bad" in the house. 根据《绝命毒师》的剧情 According to "Breaking Bad," 酸加浴缸再加上有机质 acid plus bathtub plus organic matter...来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180710/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-27.html