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TED十佳演讲之身体语言 别对我撒谎(06)

We're hardwired to become leaders of the pack. 我们天生就喜欢做领导。 It's starts really, really early. How early? 这从很早很早就开始了。多早? Well babies will fake a cry, pause, wait to see who's coming and then go right back to crying. 婴儿就会假哭,停一下,看看谁走过来,接着哭。 One-year-olds learn concealment. 一岁的孩子就学会隐瞒事实了。 Two-year-olds bluff. Five-year-olds lie outright. 两岁的孩子就会吓唬人了。五岁的孩子撒谎都可以不打草稿了。 They manipulate via flattery. 他们通过巴结来达到目的。 Nine-year-olds, masters of the cover-up. 九岁的孩子是掩盖真相的高手。 By the time you enter college, you're going to lie to your mom in one out of every five interactions. 到你上大学的时候,你与你母亲的每交流五次中就有一次是在说谎。 By the time we enter this work world and we're breadwinners, 到我们工作了,挣钱养家了, we enter a world that is just cluttered with Spam, fake digital friends, partisan media, ingenious identity thieves, world-class Ponzi schemers, a deception epidemic -- in short, what one author calls a post-truth society. 我们便进入了一个充满了垃圾邮件、虚假身份的网友、政党媒体、身份盗用、世界级的庞氏骗局、一个谎言的流行病,用一位作家的话简单地说,这是一个后真相社会。 It's been very confusing for a long time now. 长时间以来这一直在混淆视听。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180710/572484.html