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Those who wrote about the "perceived benefit" of the trauma were physically healthier and psychologically healthier, happier. 那些写下从创伤中"看到的好处"的人身体和心理都更健康更幸福 Another research on cancer patients. 另一个研究的对象是癌症患者 The women came in and wrote about their cancer. 那些参加研究的女性写下她们的病情 And they wrote about "good things that came out of my experience with cancer". 她们还会写"患上癌症带来的好事" The women who wrote about this, visited the doctor office less often, were more likely to survive their cancer. 写出这些的女人,看医生的次数更少,战胜癌症的几率也更高 Just by changing their perspective, by changing their focus. Now these women did not say "it happened for the best". 通过改变她们的观念,改变她们的关注点。这些女人没有说"患上癌症最好了" Maybe some did; but most did not. They said "I wish I didn't have this cancer". 也许有些人会这么说,但大部分不会。他们会说"但愿我没有癌症" However it happened, you know. Stuff happens. The question is what we do with it; how we interpret it after. "但我确实患上了。关键是我们怎么处理,怎么看待这个病" Then they said to themselves "OK, so we get closer to our family; I'm appreciating life so much more now; 然后她们跟自己说:"我们和家人更亲近了";"我现在更感激生活了" I can enjoy the breath or flower, or I couldn't before my family so much closer now; I know who my real friends are". "我可以享受一下花香了","现在我和家人乐也融融";"现在我知道谁才是真正的朋友了" And they found benefit in it. Not for the best. 她们从坏事中找出好事,而不是把坏事看到好事 But they made the best of the things that happened. 但她们会尽力从坏事中看到好的一面 And that made the difference even to their mortality rates. 这种心态甚至会影响到他们的寿命水平 There's a lot of research on optimism, benefit-finding and longevity. 有很多人研究乐观,积极心态和长寿之间的联系 For example, in a sample of 839 residents in the Mayo clinic, when they looked at them, they identified the benefit finders and fault finders. 例如,在Mayo诊所那839位住院病人中,研究人员用他们作研究对象,他们区分开积极者和消极者 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180710/572440.html