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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第58集:嫉妒姐姐

I think you were really smart about the coat. 我觉得你买了外套真是太明智了 It was more than I wanted to spend, 它超过了我的预算 but I thought the weather in San Francisco, 但我考虑到了旧金山的天气 the weather in London-- I could use it either place. 和伦敦的天气 我在哪儿都用的上 Exactly. Are you taking your other trench coat? 没错 你要带上另一件短外套吗 I don't think so. Well, Spencer could use it. 不带了 那就给斯宾塞穿吧 You like Melissa's coat, 你不是喜欢梅丽莎 the one with the new belt. 那件系着新款皮带的外套吗 You'd wear that, wouldn't you? 你会穿的 对吗 It would be an honor and a privilege. 这真是我的荣幸与特权 Spencer, don't be like that. 斯宾塞 别这样 Like what? 怎样 Jealous of your sister. I'm not jealous. 嫉妒你姐姐 我没有嫉妒 Mom. 妈妈别说了 This is a wonderful opportunity for her. 这对她来说是一次大好的机会 She's worked really hard. 她为之付出了很多 Things have not been easy for any of us. 近来我们都诸事不顺 We should be happy for her 这一切发生之后 after all that's happened. 我们应该替她感到高兴 It's all right. I understand. 没关系 我很理解 If I were her, I would feel the same way. 如果我是她 我也会心生妒忌的 Would you? 你会吗 You're gonna miss sharing things with your sister. 你会怀念和你姐姐分享一切的好时光 Graduation, going to UPenn... 高中毕业 去宾大读书 Uh, nobody's gonna miss that. 不需要怀念 What do you mean? 这是什么意思 UPenn. I'm not going to UPenn. 宾大 我去不了宾大读书了 Of course you are. Of course I'm not. 你当然会去宾大 我必然去不了了 I got my rejection letter. 我收到拒绝信了 Spencer, this isn't funny. 斯宾塞 这不好笑 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180710/572407.html