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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第26期

把《绝命毒师》特制房间一锅端呢 finally get the "Breaking Bad" room boom? 好了 准备把这间藏身屋炸翻吧 All right. Let's blow up this hideout. 250克雷酸汞 250 grams of mercury fulminate. 这里是《绝命毒师》爆破现场 三 This is "Breaking Bad" Boom in three... 二 一 爆 Two... One... Go. 窗户炸了 I think we got the windows. 我的天哪 Oh, my god! 这屋子算是彻底被我们毁了 We completely destroyed the hideout. 这就是科学 Yeah. Science! 250克雷酸汞肯定能 250 grams of mercury fulminate 把房间炸得惨不忍睹 certainly broke that room bad. 神啊 Oh, my gosh. 整个建筑都消失了 The entire structure is gone. 太神奇啦 That was awesome! 要不要去看看有没有幸存者啊 Shall we go see if anybody survived? 走啊 Why not? 看到爆炸现场 And at the scene of the blast, 就知道卡莉的直觉是对的 Kari's instincts were right. 所有窗户都被炸碎 无一人幸免 So, all the windows are busted out, and everyone's dead. 说实话 电视里那种钢筋混凝土大楼 Now, to be fair, a reinforced-concrete building 炸起来的效果可能要比 like the one in the show might have fared better 我们的木头房子好 可是吧 than our wooden house, but you know what? 这也不能改变流言被终结的事实 That doesn't change the fact that this is still busted. 流言终结 对流言终结者来说这是终结了 It's busted for the Mythbusters, 但对会读出潜台词的观众们来说 but for those of you reading between the lines... 好吧 他们认为终结了 All right, so, um, they're calling it busted, 可是... 你怎么看 But... What about you? 我说被证实了 I say confirmed. 被证实了 好 ConfirmedHmm. 解释下 为什么 Explain. How so? 沃尔特用那包雷酸汞 Well, Walt used that bag of mercury fulminate 威胁房间里的所有人 他是对的 to threaten everybody in the room, and he was right. 那包东西确实可以造成毁灭性灾难 That bag would have caused total devastation. 要是我们也用那么多 In fact, if we use that much,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-26.html