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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第25期

我们一个都没看到 to the TV show. 猛掷雷酸汞没用 No throwing down the mercury fulminate, 没有爆炸 也没有玻璃乱飞 no explosion, no glass going everywhere, 下面是我个人最爱的部分 But now it's my favorite part of the show, 我们要制造一模一样的效果 where we replicate the results. 抛式机器人登场 So, it's out with the throwbot, 在旅行车里 and into the R.V., 杰西正在小心地配制着 where Jesse has been carefully formulating 一大批烈性炸药 a huge batch of fulminate. 现在是我们的流言和雷酸汞之间 So, this is the moment of truth 真相揭晓的时刻 for our myth and mercury fulminate. 在保证安全的同时 我们充分利用时间 We're making the biggest batch that we can safely 做出最大分量的炸药 in the amount of time that we have. 我们的化学家杰西已经在这上面 Our chemist, Jesse, has been at this 花了八个多小时 for a little over eight hours, 炸药的重量是250克 And the size of the batch is 250 grams. 是沃尔特在电视里用的五倍 That's five times what Walt used on the show. 由于我们现在用的 Now, since at this point, 是高性能冲击引爆式炸药 it's considered a shock-sensitive high-explosive, 直接拿着去放置实在太危险 it's way too dangerous to simply walk this over and place it, 所以他们把炸药放进防爆盒里 so they're putting it inside an explosion-proof box 非常小心地驶向实验屋 and carefully driving it over to the site. 炸药即将点燃 验证是否足以 We're gonna set this off, and see if this is enough 将小屋的窗户震碎 to blow out the windows in our building. 是的 这只盒子里装的 Yep, inside that box 可比一把水晶厉害多了 is more than a fistful of crystal. 一旦我们温和的化学家 And once our mild-mannered chemist 煞费苦心地放置完沃尔特的独门武器 has painstakingly positioned Walt's weapon of choice, 炸药已经安装到位 it's wired for detonation. 到底五倍的雷酸汞能否 But can five times the amount of mercury fulminate来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-25.html