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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第24期

才是我想要看到的 with acid and our materials. 但是 四十分钟后 However, after a 40-minute soak, 顽强的铸铁依旧冥顽不灵 that stubborn cast iron ain't giving up its ions. 接下来上场的是 So, next up is... 瓷漆涂层钢 enamel-coated steel. 瓷漆涂层钢 这个也是立马就开始冒泡 That's bubbling up right away, too. 尽管有反应 但结果还是一样 Bubbling away, but there's a pattern repeating. 瓷漆涂层钢浸泡在硫酸中 Well, the enamel-coated steel went into the sulfuric acid, 与之前一样 没什么反应 and again, not much was going on. 一倒入特制酱汁 Until the special sauce was poured in, 它就立马开始冒泡 and it started to bubble. 但我们了解到这只是 But we're told that that's just a reaction 特制酱汁和硫酸间发生的一种反应 between the special sauce and the sulfuric acid, 因为几分钟之后 Because now, a couple minutes later, 它们就不再冒泡了 is no bubbling, 玻璃纤维 也就是说最后的候选者要上场了 which means it's time for the final contender - 那就是玻璃纤维 the fiberglass. 太酷啦 Oh, man. That's so cool. 玻璃纤维是测试到现在为止 Fiberglass has been the most reactive substance 反应最强烈的物质 thus far tested of anything. 我们把它放入 We put it in here, 再把特制酱汁一加 and once the special sauce went in, 冒泡程度非常之猛烈 the bubbling was incredibly powerful, 现在大概4分钟过去了 And now it's like four minutes later, 硫酸和特制酱汁的混合溶液上 and it looks like there's a brown stain 似乎浮动着一块棕色的色斑 floating on top of the sulfuric acid and special sauce. 真是让我备受鼓舞啊 I'm very encouraged about this. 行了吗 Are we done? 应该成功了 I think that's it. 那就不用我说了吧 You know what that means. -是时候进行全尺寸测试了 -走吧 - Time to go full-scale. - Yep. 起爆 Fire! 到现在为止 电视里的场景 So far, we have not seen anything even remotely close来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-24.html