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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第23期

选择一种能与酸性物质反应的可用材料 Based on what we find out back at the lab. 正是如此 Exactly. 听上去不赖 All right. Sounds, uh -- sounds like a plan. 有消息通知你 We'll keep you posted. 我们想当然地对材料进行了假设 So, we got caught making some assumptions. 我们想当然地认为浴缸是铁铸的 We assumed it was a cast-iron tub. 大家都知道想当然的后果 Everyone knows what happens when you make an assumption. 那就是错漏百出 功亏一篑 You make an ass out of you and "Umption." 因此 我们做了些调查 Anyway, we've done some research, 并选中了三种 and we have settled upon 最常用的浴缸材质 three of the most common bath materials -- 陶瓷涂层的铸铁 cast iron with ceramic coating, 瓷漆涂层钢 steel with enamel coating, 以及最常用的浴缸材料 and perhaps the most common of all bathtub materials, 玻璃纤维 simple fiberglass. 接下来就该用我们的特制硫酸溶液 Now it's time to subject each of these materials 对这三种材料分别进行测试 to our sulfuric acid with its special sauce 以确定我们实验的最佳材质 and see which one becomes our bathtub of choice. 重回实验室 继续强酸实验 Yep, and back at the lab for their acid quest, 是时候让这些材质接受酸性物质的考验了 it's time to turn the tables on the tub samples. 铸铁 瓷漆涂层钢 玻璃纤维 先试哪个 So, what do we have first? 铸铁浴缸 Cast-iron bathtub. 好的 All right. 铸铁已放入硫酸中 Well, there goes the cast iron into the sulfuric acid. 开始加我们的特制酱汁了 Now we go for the special sauce. 反应好强烈 Wow. That is really vigorous. 24升强酸没法腐蚀铸铁浴缸 Six gallons of acid couldn't burn through the cast-iron tub at Altamont. 没能腐蚀浴缸 It's not making its way through the tub. 但增加单位面积所接触的酸 But more acid per inch of surface area 有可能结局会不一样 could get a more caustic result. 现在强酸和我们的测试材料之间的反应 Now, this is exactly what I was expecting to see来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-23.html