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I believe that what we map changes the life we lead. 我相信我们为自己绘制的地图能改变我们的人生。 And I don't mean that in some, like, secret-y Oprah's Angels network, like, you-can-think-your-way-out-of-cancer sense. 我说的并不是类似神秘的“奥普拉天使网络”计划,或者“人定胜天”之类的心灵鸡汤。 But I do believe that while maps don't show you where you will go in your life, they show you where you might go. 但我确信一点,尽管地图不能预测你的人生将走向何处,但它至少能显示出一些可能性。 You very rarely go to a place that isn't on your personal map. 因为你不太可能去一个你个人地图上都没有的地方。 So I was a really terrible student when I was a kid. 我小时候是一个非常糟糕的学生。 My GPA was consistently in the low 2s. 我的平均绩点一直只有2分出头。 And I think the reason that I was such a terrible student is that 而我认为原因在于, I felt like education was just a series of hurdles that had been erected before me, 当时我觉得学校教育就像挡在我面前的一个个障碍物, and I had to jump over in order to achieve adulthood. 我需要一个接一个地跨越它们才能成年。 And I didn't really want to jump over these hurdles, because they seemed completely arbitrary, 而我真是不愿意去跨越这些障碍,因为在我看来教育常常是武断的, so I often wouldn't, and then people would threaten me, you know, 所以我经常放弃,然后就会有各种人出来威胁我, they'd threaten me with this "going on permanent record," or "You'll never get a good job." 他们对我甩狠话,“你的成绩会一直记在你的档案里,”或者是“你永远找不到一份好工作。” I didn't want a good job! As far as I could tell at eleven or twelve years old, like, 我压根就不想找一份好工作好吗!我在十一、二岁的时候就明白, people with good jobs woke up very early in the morning, 那些有好工作的人起得比鸟还早, and the men who had good jobs, one of the first things they did was tie a strangulation item of clothing around their necks. 而他们每天早上做的第一件事就是把一根布条紧紧缠在自己脖子上。 They literally put nooses on themselves, and then they went off to their jobs, whatever they were. 简直就是给自己套绞索,然后他们出发去上班,鬼知道那工作是什么。 That's not a recipe for a happy life. 这不是幸福生活该有的样子。 These people -- in my, symbol-obsessed, twelve year-old imagination 这些人--在我这个痴迷符号的、十二岁小孩的想象中, these people who are strangling themselves as one of the first things they do each morning, they can't possibly be happy. 这些每天早上做的第一件事就是给自己套上绞索的人,他们怎么可能开心呢。 Why would I want to jump over all of these hurdles and have that be the end? That's a terrible end! 我怎么会愿意跨过重重障碍,最后落得跟他们一样的下场呢?这下场太悲哀了! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/572189.html