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The Californian upwellings are seasonal and relatively small 加利福尼亚寒流是季节性洋流,相对较小, but in Southern Africa they're so big, 不过在南部非洲的洋流则非常大, they create seas rich enough to support colonies of over a million seals. 带来的充足食物能满足百万只海豹的需要。 The Benguela Current sweeps along the western coastline of Southern Africa 本格拉寒流--沿南部非洲西岸流动, driving nutrient rich waters up to the surface 给海洋表面带来充足养分, and then, at the southern tip of Africa it meets the Agulhas Current, arriving from the east. 然后,在非洲南端与沿非洲大陆以南海域流动的厄加勒斯暖流汇合。 The result: even richer waters. 结果是海洋养分更加丰富。 The seals here thrive on a diet of fish and squid. 海豹在吃这里大量的鱼和枪乌贼。 In temperate seas there may actually be more squid than fish. 在这块海洋里,鱿鱼实际上要比鱼类多。 These are choker squid, and they lay their egg capsules in sandy shallows bathed by the warmer Agulhas Current. 这是宽褶鱿鱼,它们在厄加勒斯暖流经过的砂质浅海处产卵。 Each capsule contains a hundred tiny squid. 每个卵囊都有100多条小鱿鱼。 Within a few days they develop spots of pigment 几天后它们长出一些色斑, which, when they're adult, they will use to communicate with one another. 等到成熟后,就可以用这些色斑来互相联系。 With females continuing to lay eggs 雌鱿鱼继续产卵, and males still preoccupied with repelling rivals, the squid drop their guard. Stingray. 雄鱿鱼则忙于击退竞争对手而放松了警惕。黄貂鱼。 Short tailed stingray can be up to two meters across. 短尾魟身长可达2米。 They're the largest of all the stingrays, and they have appetites to match. 它是世界上最大的一种魟,与之相称的还有它的胃口。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/572183.html