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There are many benefits to be a benefit finder. 做积极者有很多好处 So the first benefit is we simply feel better. 第一个好处就是幸福感多了 We are happier for it. But there are many many others. 积极者感到更多幸福,还有其他好处 For example, Suzanne Thompson from Pomona University did following research. She went to people who had just lost their homes in a fire in California. 例如,波莫纳大学的苏珊娜·汤普森做了以下的研究。她找那些在加州大火中失去家园的灾民 There were many of them at the time... It was a large wildfire. 那时候很多灾民……那是一场很大的山火 And many people lost their homes and she interviewed them after that. 很多人去失去了家园,火灾过去,她去采访他们 And she distinguished who were benefit finders and fault finders: the benefit finders didn't say "I'm so glad it happened", 她把积极者和消极者区分开来,积极者并没有说"我很高兴火灾发生了" but they said "well there are some positive here- I can start a new; it's a fresh start; and now I'll appreciate my home more; 而是说"这场天灾也有好的一面","我可以重新开始,火灾给了我一个新起点";现在我更喜欢我的家 my family is OK; and I'm relieved and that's good. So they focused on the positive. 我的家人都安全无事;"这让我很欣慰,这是好事",所以积极者看到的是好的一面 When she followed up with these individuals, those who were benefit finders as opposed to fault finders were happier in the long term, 随后她跟进这些受访者,那些跟消极者区分开来的积极者长远来说他们感到更幸福 were able to, were experiencing more positive moods, and less likely to be anxious and had less physical symptoms. 他们有更多积极情绪,焦虑的情绪更少,身体也少患病 Both psychological as well as physical consequences. 所以对身心都有好处 Numerous, a lot of research on health benefits — for example, Glenn Affleck did research with individuals who had a heart attack. 有很多研究针对积极心态对身体的影响,例如,格伦·阿弗莱克找一些人做过一个研究,这些人有过心脏病发 And there were some individuals who saw it as the catastrophe, the end of the world. There were others who were certainly not happy about it, but said "OK, so this is a wake-up call. 有些人把病发看成大灾难,世界末日,另外一些人当然不会为病发感到高兴,但他们会说"这是一个警钟" 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/572143.html