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美剧《复仇》第02季 第15集 第13期:阿曼达承担罪责

Apologies, Jack. 抱歉 杰克 I assure you, it wasn't my intent to, 我向你保证 这不是我的本意 uh, interrupt you in your hour of grief. 我没想在你哀恸时打扰你 You can stop pretending. I know why you're really here. 别装了 我知道你为什么来 The administrator just told me 管理员刚告诉我 You offered to pay my hospital bill. 你提出要为我支付医疗费 Well, you've been misinformed. 那你听错了 I didn't offer. I insisted. 不是提议 是我坚持这么做 One of the last things you need to be grappling with right now 你现在最不应该考虑的就是 is a steep financial blow. 钱的问题 You're very generous. 您真慷慨 Tragedy has a way of bringing out our better angels. 悲剧总能让我们展现出内心善良的一面 And, uh, you know, in spite of our strained history, 尽管我们之间有过不愉快的历史 Amanda was, um... 但阿曼达对我来说 family, 就像家人一样 as are you and your son. 你和你的儿子也是 Listen, I take it as a personal failure 我把这视为自己犯下的错 that I didn't recognize Nate Ryan was using me 我没发现奈特·瑞安是在利用我 to injure you. 来伤害你 Well, you did the right thing in the end. 但最后你做了正确的事 I just wish I could look him in the eye... 我只是希望能直视他的眼睛 and ask why? 问他这是为什么 Why did Amanda have to pay for the sins of my father? 为什么要让阿曼达承担我父亲的罪责 重点解释: 1.offer to 提议, 愿意 例句:He offered to take 10% off the price. 他表示愿意按原价减去百分之十。 2.right now 立刻;马上 例句:Please stop right now. 请立即停下来。 3.in spite of 不顾 例句:In spite of the bad weather, we went fishing. 我们不顾恶劣的天气而去钓鱼。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/572133.html