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骑士与少女 第376期:艾瑞克的讨论(13)

We're now in summer 现在我们来到了夏天 The time where all the stuff takes place: 一个所有事情要发生的时节 There's a big tournament and Erec goes in the course; 有一个盛大的锦标赛 艾瑞克也加入其中 he fights bad guys like the haughty knight of the heath 他像一个高傲的荒野骑士一样与恶人奋战 What a great name you know 多么伟大的名字你知道吗 the haughty knight of the heath 一个高傲的荒野骑士 And Erec is just you know he's a wonderman you know?! 正如你所知道的 艾瑞克是个神奇的人 He's definitely you know, whatever name you want to apply to him 你可以配得上你封给他的任何称号 He is 他就是这样的 He's just the best the first day and the second day he is even better 第一天他的表现很棒第二天他依旧如此 甚至更好 Where is he in his fame? 他的名声到何种程度 He's at the top of his fame 已经登峰造极了 The only person who is better is Gawain 比此更好的就剩下高文了 No one else is better and so he is just this great knight 没人可以超越他 他是最棒的骑士 But he wants to go home 但是他想回到家里 And so he takes off to go to his dad King Larc 所以他启程去了他的父亲国王拉克那里 Takes him about 4 days to get there 途中花了四天时间 When they're there of course everybody's happy 到了之后 所有人都很高兴 Enid is also very well received 伊妮德也深受欢迎 Why? 为什么呢 Again not only because she's beautiful because of her noble character 不仅仅是因为她姣好的面容 还因为她高贵的品质 And so there's a lot of things we struggle a little bit 但是这里面还有一些让我们费解的事 when they have this dissension like she is such a great noble character 有这么一个争议 既然她拥有这么高尚的品格 Why will he ever be suspicious of her actions toward him? 为什么他还会怀疑她对他的举动 And the answer is he's an egotistical jerk 因为他是一个以自我为中心的蠢人 which would seem to be the apparent rationale 这是个显然的理由 We read here about how great Enid is 我们在这里知道了伊妮德有多厉害了 I mean I'm kind of tired reading this 我的意思是 我有点厌倦读这些了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/572108.html