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骑士与少女 第375期:艾瑞克的讨论(12)

Middle of page 28 在28页中间 That night they indeed made good, all the time they had lost 那天晚上他们弥补了所丢失的那些时间 "With the chamber cleared for them, they each gave each part for the body it's due; 洞房里只剩下他们两个他们水乳交融 The eyes which blaze the trail of love and send the messages to the heart; 充满爱的眼神传递着心灵的信息 gaze with delight at each other's sides, much pleased, no 他们心满意足的互相注视着对方 不 Much pleased with their sides 是非常的心满意足 After the message from the eyes come that sweetness far better still from the kisses inviting love" 眼神里传递的甜蜜爱意 在亲吻中更加浓烈 Man my pen is melting in my hand 天啊 我的笔都要在我的手里融化了 "Both of them sample the sweetness" 他们是甜蜜的范本 and their hearts without drink, they are filled of" 他们的心别无所求 充满着 无尽的爱 within drink they are filled of it, hardly' 虽无美酒 却沉醉于无限的爱意 几乎无法" I can't read anymore 我读不下去了 " hardly able to desist kissing with their first play, was their first play" "几乎无法抗拒对方一开始深情的吻 一开始" Oh I can't can't read it 噢 我读不下去了 " and then the love they shared made the maiden more bold" 他们的爱让这个少女变得更加勇敢 Oh my! 噢 天啊 "afraid of nothing and whatever hurt, she suffered all 不惧怕任何伤害和痛楚 她承受住了所有的这些 Before she rose, she had lost the name of maiden 在她起床之前 她已经不再是少女 And the morning she was a new lady" 清晨到来她就是个崭新的女人了 Okay 好的 So anyway, so now they're married and to remain a good Knight 总之 他们结婚了他还是一个好骑士 Erec is gonna have to do what? 那艾瑞克要做些什么呢 You got that? 知道了吗 Balance and so he's gonna have to still go through all his knightly stuff 平衡 他必须继续他的骑士生活 you know, even though you know, as we soon find out he'd rather just be with Enid 虽然你已经知道这些了 之后我们很快会发现他还是愿意和伊妮德在一起 So Monday after Pentecost, we're still in that 之后在圣灵降临节后的周一 我们还读到这里 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/572107.html