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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第56集:念及姐妹之情

视频出处: 本影片片段来自《美少女的谎言》第四季第四集 Okay, so he thinks my mom stole the gun? 那他认为是我妈偷走了枪吗 Your dad's not sure, okay? 你爸不确定 It could have been missing before she got there. 也可能她到那儿之前就丢了 He just knows it was gone after she left. 只是他在她走后才发现 No. It's not possible. It's beyond possible. 不 不可能 这是有可能的 It's what happened. 这是事实 Hanna, your dad owned a .38. 汉娜 你爸有一把.38口径手枪 If it turns out that Wilden was shot with a .38, 如果证实威尔登是被这种口径手枪射杀的 your mom has a lot more to explain than not having an alibi. 那你妈需要的 就不只是不在场证明了 Is this what you call helping? 你把这些信息也叫有用 As a matter of fact, yes. 事实上 是的 Well, it's not. 我不觉得 Hey, Hanna. If this looks bad to us, 汉娜 如果连我们都觉得这很不利 how do you think it's gonna look to those state cops? 那你想想 那些州警察会怎么看 Just forget it, okay?! Forget what? 就忘了吧 忘了什么 Forget the gun, forget you spoke to my father, 忘了那把枪 忘了你跟我爸聊过 Just forget everything you ever told me! 把你刚才跟我说的所有都忘掉 Hanna, forgetting is not gonna work in this situation. 汉娜 现在这种情况 忘记是没用的 Just...don't do anything, okay? 就...什么都别做 行吗 Spence. 斯宾塞 Did you show your sister the mask yet? 把面具给你姐看了吗 Morning, Hanna. Hi. Did you? 早上好 汉娜 好 看了吗 Not yet. What are you waiting for? 还没 你在等什么呢 We can't just let her get away with it 我们不能因为她是你姐 because she's your sister, Spencer. 就这么让她侥幸逃脱了 斯宾塞 Take it down a notch. 慢点慢点 That mask puts Melissa at the studio. 那个面具说明梅丽莎去过工作室 Right now that all it does. She's leaving town 目前就这么多 她要出城了 and she's about to pin it on my mom before she goes. 还准备在走之前栽赃到我妈身上 If she's "A." 如果她是A She has to be. Guys. 她一定是 姐妹们 Emily, please tell them. We have to do something. 艾米丽 告诉她们 我们得行动了 You okay? My dad's home. 你还好吗 我爸回家了 Isn't that usually a good thing? 通常这不应该是好事吗 No. He's back because 不是 他回来是因为 family services wants to talk to us. 家庭服务中心要跟我们谈话 Those are the ones you told me about? That's them. 你跟我说的就是她们 是的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180709/572106.html