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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第21期

但所有东西都布满了尘土 but everything's covered in a fine mercury dust, 我可不想碰这些东西 so I'm not gonna touch anything as I investigate the room. 这里 坏人一号 I can see right here -- first henchman, 测伤膜破了 The injury disc is burst. 沃尔特的测伤膜也破了 Also, injury disc is burst right here at Walter. 投掷无法引爆 引爆无法炸飞窗户 引爆无法保证沃尔特毫发无伤 也就是说这间房里的所有人都受了伤 That means that everybody in the room is injured. 由于窗户未破损 Probably asphyxiating from mercury fumes 他们也可能窒息而亡 because the windows did not break. 流言是被终结了 可实验还得继续 It may be busted, but the throw's not over yet. 下一研究课题是 The next chemistry question is, 如何才能重演剧中的情景 what will it take to re-create the small-screen scene? 请勿在家尝试本片中的任何实验 Please, don't try what you're about to see at home. 本集中使用的物品 The substance that we are working with 属高危化学物品 is extremely dangerous. 我们有专家在场确保安全 And we have experts to keep us safe. 本集绝命毒师特辑中 So far in the "Breaking Bad" Special, 我们见识了一头猪被化尸 We've seen a pig disappear, 但却没见到浴缸一并消失 but we haven't seen a bathtub go bye-bye. 这可是我见过的最恶心的东西之一 That's one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. 是时候通报坏消息了 And it's time to break some bad... news. 很高兴见到你们 Hey. Good to see you boys. 我们刚在拍摄 Well, while we've been out, uh, shooting -- 告诉你们 Oh, you know what? 我们刚拍了一段疯狂的镜头 We actually just shot this crazy scene 沃尔特终于意识到他...... where, uh, Walt finally realizes that...... 不准剧透 Hey, hey. Ixnay. 那也是 Oh. Right. 不管怎样 你们收获如何 Anyway, so, what have you guys found out? 真不想让你们失望 但流言被终结了 Well, I hate to break it to you, but the myth is busted.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180708/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-21.html