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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第20期

绝对能引起爆炸 Would definitely detonate. 让我们回到大本营 So back at base camp, 伙计们正在准备他们的载荷 The guys are priming their payload 爆破雷管的美称 Courtesy of a blasting cap. 安全终结者 我们实验中的其他因素不变 Now, everything else about our experiment is exactly the same. 安全终结者 坏人们还在原地 The bad guys are in the same places. 爆破隔膜也在相同位置 The burst discs are in the same positions. 雷酸汞被固定在 And the mercury fulminate is being set off 它原本应该被砸在地上的位置 From where it would have hit on the floor. 我们将用雷管引爆它 We're gonna fire this off with a blasting cap 看看我们能否炸碎窗玻璃 and see if we blow out any windows 以及在场人士能否幸存 And how everybody in the room fares. 这次肯定能爆炸 This time they'll certainly get a ka-boom, 终结它 但五十克雷酸汞 But will 50 grams of fulminate 是否能在确保沃尔特安全的前提下 still blow out the windows 炸飞窗户呢 and leave Walt unharmed? 五十克雷酸汞 Okay, this is 50 grams of mercury fulminate 一间自建房 看看结果如何 and a blasting cap, just to see what it does, 三 二 一 In three, two, one... 炸得漂亮 That was a good blast, 但绝对没到炸飞窗户的地步 But it definitely didn't blow out the windows. 没错 流言被终结了 Yeah, you know whatIt's busted. 投掷雷酸汞并不能 We couldn't throw it down 导致其爆炸 And set off the mercury fulminate, 而引爆剧中相同用量的雷酸汞 And with the same amount as in the show, 也达不到炸飞窗户的地步 it didn't blow out any windows. 啥都没炸飞 It didn't blow out anything. 投掷无法引爆 It's "No" to the throw, 就算引爆也炸不飞窗户 And "No" to blowing out the windows. 那么沃尔特和那些坏人的情况怎样 But did Walt and the bad guys survive? 通风通得差不多了 Okay, now that the room's been properly ventilated, 不用担心爆炸遗留的烟尘 There's no danger of fumes,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180708/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-20.html