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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第18期

我的天呐 Oh, my gosh! 流言终结者 绝命毒师特辑 快把裤子穿好 我们还有正事要做 Put your pants back on. We got work to do. 欢迎来到坏人的藏身处 All right, welcome to the bad guy hideout. 我们将如此检验该流言 Now this is how we're gonna test this myth. 我们会用上50克雷酸汞 We're gonna take 50 grams of mercury fulminate, 黏在沃尔特的手中 Stick in Walt's hand, 也就是格兰特的投掷机器 A.K.A. Grant's throwing machine, 将它掷向地面 看看是否会爆炸 Throw it on the ground, and see if it explodes. 我们将这件办公室建成剧集中的样子 Now, we've re-created the office just like in the TV show. 按常规规定建造 并装有窗户 It's built to code, complete with windows. 现在 屠库坐在那儿的桌后 Now, Tuco's over here. He's sitting at his desk. 数着他的钱 He's counting his money. 他的亲信正包围者沃尔特 Now, his henchmen, they have Walt surrounded. 我们将启动投掷机器 So what we're gonna do is load up the throwing machine, 将雷酸汞投向地板 Throw the mercury fulminate on the ground. 如果它爆炸了 爆破隔膜 Now, if it explodes, we have burst discs 将显示这些人经过爆炸后是否能够幸存 Around the room to see if these guys would survive the blast, 我们也将看到窗户是否会像剧中那样 And we're gonna be able to see if the windows blow out 被爆炸震碎 Just like in the TV show. 先生们 你们好 Hello, gentlemen. 这是真家伙吗 So, is that the real stuff? 没错 Yes, it is. 行了 There you are. 好的 All right. 一瞬间我感到心神不宁 Suddenly, I'm very uneasy. 在易燃易爆的载荷到位之后 With the uNPRedictable payload in place, 格兰特小心翼翼地给机器人通上了电 Grant very carefully charges the throw bot. 好 系统已通电 我将拔下保险销 Okay, system's charged. I'm pulling the pin. 好了 机器开启了 Okay. We're hot. 记住了 为了证实这条留言 And remember, to confirm the myth, 投掷必须引爆炸药 The throw must trigger a blast来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180708/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-18.html