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流言终结者绝命毒师特辑(MythBusters S12 Breaking Bad Special) 第17期

它活了 活了 It's alive. Alive! 那么我的投掷机器人 So my throwing robot, 简称"投机" 就此完成了 Which I call "Throwbot" For short, is done. 现在开始第一次试用 Now it's time to test it for the first time right now. 三 二 一 In three, two, one... 成功 Yes! 还不错 It's pretty good. 现在回到采石场 So now it's back to the quarry 看看《绝命毒师》之屋 For the "Breaking Bad" House... -漂亮 -好极了 - Gorgeous. - That's great. 由流言终结者建造 The Mythbusters built. 我们在造房子 We're building a house. 墙和地板都建好了 The walls and floors go up. 格兰特置入了"投机" Grant positions the throw bot. 小心镶板 Careful of the paneling. 别把镶板刮花了 Don't scratch the paneling. 屋顶升起了 The roof is raised. 屋顶有了天窗 The room is glazed. 这些窗是有点脏了 All right, these windows are a little dirty, 但我们不介意 But we don't care. 最后就是要加入几位绝命毒枭 And then the final touch is to add the "Breaking Bad" Guys. 这就是沃尔特 This is gonna be Walter. 他不能就像个机器人 He can't just be a robot. 还得有点人性 He needs a little humanity. 这次实验中 我们将检验两件事... For this experiment, we're testing two things -- 杀伤力和是否造成人员伤害 Both lethality and injury. 因此我们用上了安赛科爆破隔膜 Now for that, we have Oseco burst discs. 假设超过每平方英寸6公斤被视为损伤 We're gonna put both injury at 13 P.S.I. 超过每平方英寸34公斤则是死亡 And death at 75 P.S.I. 这里有屠库 沃尔特·怀特和他的亲信 At Tuco, Walter White, and his henchman. 让我们看看谁存谁亡 We'll see who lives, who dies. 与此同时 And with that, 《行尸走肉》的戏剧性场面 就要上演了 The "Breaking Bad" Tableau is ready to, uh, break. 接下来... Next... 一瞬间我感到心神不宁 Suddenly, I'm very uneasy. 一小撮晶体是否能使屋子大爆炸呢 Can a fistful of crystal make a room ka-boom?来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180708/MythBusters-S12-Breaking-Bad-Special-17.html