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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第53期:复制面孔

It's none of my business, 虽然这不关我的事 but that looked kind of intense. 但气氛好像很紧张 No, not really. 不 不见得 I was just giving my mother permission to go off 我只是怂恿我老妈 and join the circus. 去疯一把而已 That was nice of you. 真是乖孩纸 Will you miss her? 你会想她吗 I'm-- I'm sorry. 抱歉 No, no. It's gonna be okay. 不不 没事的 Really. I-- 真的 我 She needs to go. 她一定得去 Where were you? Why weren't you answering your phone? 你刚才在哪 怎么一直不接电话 I was with Toby. We just wanted some privacy, okay? 我和托比一起 我们只是想独处一会 Well, look in here and see what you missed. 瞧瞧这里面 看你错过了什么 Melissa? Yeah. 梅丽莎的吗 是的 That's what we said when we saw it. 这东西一看就是她的 This was from the studio that Ali went to? 这是从艾莉去的工作室拿来的吗 Melissa must have been there. 梅丽莎肯定也去过那 He copied your sister's face 他复制了你姐姐的脸孔 just like he did Alison's. 就像他复制了艾莉森的 So did Melissa follow Ali there, 那是梅丽莎跟踪艾莉去那 did Ali follow Melissa? 还是艾莉跟踪梅丽莎 Maybe they went together. 也许他们是一起 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180708/571831.html