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沛沛英语MP3 第三盒[下]

Unit 75 He wears simples clothing and eats simple food. The furniture in his house is simple. His simple speech moved us deeply. The language is simple, but the truth is profound. Are you so simple-minded and na?ve as to believe these words? Father is a simple person and a great scholar. The simple truth is that the boss is hard to deal with. The question is simple. Everyone can understand. Unit 76 Do you go along with me? I don't go along with your idea. I go along with that. I go along with your suggestion. Nobody goes along with that. Mother goes along with me. I'll not go along with anything he said. I go along with your opinion. Unit 77 Do you follow what I'm saying? I can't follow your reasoning. The children followed me around all day long. You go first. I'll follow you. The storm was followed by the flood. It doesn't follow that he is good. It doesn't follow that he will agree with your proposal. It doesn't follow that he loves you. Unit 78 The coat fits me nicely. It'll be a week before you're fit for work. He is not fit to decide what to do. You look more fit than ever before. We must do plenty of exercise to keep fit. You may do it as you see fit. My experience fits me for the job. Your behavior must fit your important position. Unit 79 Would you do me a favor and open the door/ We've never received any special favors from the state. I hate asking favors of people. May I ask a favor of you? Would you Pease do me a favor? I'm not in favor of a woman taking part in politics. The situation is not in our favor. I'll not in favor of a woman taking part in politics. The situation is not in our favor. I'll never forget the favors you have done for me. Father favored his youngest son. Unit 80 I'm fed up waiting for you. I'm fed up about all of this. I'm very fed up with this rainy weather. I'm really fed up with the life here. I'm fed up with talking to you. I'm fed up with what you're doing. I'm fed up. I really don't see why you're not fed up with it. Unit 81 Sam is doing fine in his business. Sam is doing fine in his business. All your fine words are nothing to me. You've grown up to a fine lady. They have only a fine distinction between them. He can write a fine poetry. The compliment gives me a fine feeling. That was the finest time I have. What a fine view! Walking into the water, your shoes were little fine. U82 What's your favorite sport? What's your favorite sport? My favorite song is: It's my favorite passage. My favorite way of learning is to discuss That's my favorite. Your soft voice and gentle manner make me a favorite. A favorite has no true friend. The spot was the favorite haunt of mine. U83 I have something particular to ask you. There must be something behind it. There seems something missing. I'll be able to do something for you. There is something in your words. I'll tell you something of my own experience. Something must be done. That's really something. U84 How's everything going, Marting? Everything is going well with me. I 'm interested for everything settled. Money is not everything. I've forgotten everything I learned. That's everything, I think. What you said is everything to me. To know everything is to know nothing. U85 Don't be nervous. I'm a bit nervous. It's too dark. I'm nervous of going near the animals. I wonder why I was not a bit nervous. I'm nervous about talking of exam. I'm nervous when I'm speaking to foreigners. I'll be nervous about speaking in your presence. The foreigners are too nervous to speak Chinese. Don't make me so nervous. U86 He'll be here at any moment. You don't need to remind me every moment. I'll be back in a few moments. I can't think of it at the moment. I've nothing to do for the moment You not for the moment be deceived by his sweet words. I wound 't for a moment consider lending him money. The moment he spoke I recognized his voice. U87 I engaged in a conversation. I engage the local politics, how can I go home so often. I engage myself in making clothes for the neighbor's children. I've been engaged in answering the letters. I'm afraid of being engaged tomorrow. All my time is fully engaged with the business affairs. I'll be engaged with a client this evening. U88 Water is essential to the growth of crops. Railways are essential to the economy prosperity the region. A tape recorder is essential the students of English. Exercise, fresh air and sleep are always essential for health. The essential purpose of vacation is to relax. Respect is essential in friendship. This is the essential difference between you and me. Industry growth is essential to the national economy. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180707/571635.html