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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第51期:过激行为

视频出处: 本影片片段来自《美少女的谎言》第四季第三集 Come in. 进来 I thought we had an understanding 我们不是说好了 about you were staying in tonight. 你今晚会呆在家里吗 Hanna needed my help. 汉娜需要我的帮助 What's this? 这是什么 Nothing. It's just clay. 没什么 只是黏土而已 Did someone from family services call you? 家庭服务中心有没有找过你 Family services? No. 家庭服务 没有 Well, they called me. They want to interview me. 他们打电话给我 说要找我谈话 About what? 谈什么 About you. 有关你的事 Apparently someone thought 显然有人认为 I was a little excessive with you outside the school. 我在学校外面对你做出了过激行为 So they called family services. 于是告诉了家庭服务 And some snippy little bureaucrat 某些办事人员蛮不讲理 says that they detect some kind of a pattern. 说他们发现了某种联系 What kind of a pattern? 什么联系 Your shoulder, 你肩上的伤 how you wound up in the hospital with an ulcer, 你伤口溃烂进了医院 the trouble that you've had with the police... 和警方发生摩擦 The fact that your dad is... away so much. 还有 你老爸又经常不在家 She even talked to Dr. Vargas. 她甚至和瓦格斯医生谈过 Who talked to Dr. Vargas? The social worker. 谁和瓦格斯医生谈过 社工 Whatever happened to privacy in this country, anyway. 在这个国家隐私是不是都没了 I don't know. 我也不知道 Look, don't worry about it. 不要担心 We'll get this straightened out. 我们会搞清楚 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180707/571544.html