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沛沛英语MP3 第二盒[下]

Unit 46 I have just received a letter. The hotel receives guests form all over the would. I hope to receive an instant reply. I'm to receive intensive training in school. The matter will receive proper attention. I haven't received what I desired. They received me with a complete lack of enthusiasm. We promise that you'll receive the best treatment. Unit 47 You can trust me anyway. We trust each other. I don't trust my old clock. Don't trust your memory-put it down. Trust my judgments. Do you trust your daughter to go abroad alone? I don't trust my son going outside the house. How can you trust a stranger to be in your room? Unit 48 Whose turn is it next? I feel it's my turn to speak. Please wait till it's your turn. It'll soon be my turn. My turn will come. Everybody will have a turn to try it. I'll hear you all but in turn. You help people, and in turn people will help you. Unit 49 I haven't decided what to do. We can't decide anything now. It hasn't been decided. Have you decided yet? It's difficult for me to decide between the two. Then I'll decide myself. I've decided to take actions at once. I've decided that I'll go with you. Unit 50 How I envy you! I envy your good fortune. He said such things out of envy. My success feeds his envy. She is the envy of her classmates in her school. Won't it be the envy of every boy? It will be envied by the whole neighborhood. He is filled with envy due to my success. Unit 51 Let's eat out of a change. Let's go to the countryside for a change. Let's go to a movie for a change. For a change, I'd like to have a Coke. You really need a change. I wish I'd see the sun for a change. Many great changes have taken place since I left. There's only one change to be made. Unit 52 I'm rather disappointed. I'm disappointed she was not at home. I was disappointed that you didn't come. This is very disappointing! The holidays are so disappointing! I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I can't come after all. Dad will never disappoint me. Unit 53 We've met. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Susan. Haven't I met you somewhere before? Come to the party. You'll meet some interesting people. My income is hardly enough to meet even my basic needs. This mew car meets my requirement. Does the hotel meet your expectation? I've never met someone so charming. Unit 54 Do you understand this sentence? I understand how you feel. You don't understand my position. A good teacher should understand children. I don't understand why she did that. You're getting to understand me better. I don't understand these things. I don't understand people better than you. Unit 55 I've never been abroad. Ill never stay at that hotel again. Lost me is never found again. I've never read his works, and I will never read them. You seem never to think of yourself. That will never do. I never believe in doctors. Never mind, I'll buy it myself tomorrow. Unit 56 I hope you'll keep it in mind. But I can keep in mind what you said. Keep it in mind! I'll keep that in mind. Have you got something on your mind? I know there's something on his mind. If you have anything on your mind, just tell me. Unit 57 Just one more year to go. Only one more mile to go. We have aborted three more hours to go. How much more do you have to read? I've only seven more pages to go. I'll have one more week to go. We won't have two or three more days to go. It won't last for one more days. Unit 58 Do a good job of it! Do a good job of mowing the lawn. The designers have done a good job of it. God has done a good job of it! I hope you'll do a good in the company. You've done a pretty good job of it. Waxing a car is quite a job. That's quite a job! Unit 59 Do you have anything particular in mind? Do you have any particular restaurant in mind? Do you have any particular in mind? Do you have anything in particular in mind? What do you have in mind? Do you have anyone in mind? I don't know what kind of person he has in mind. I had no one in particular in mind when I said so. Unit 60 How ling will you be staying? How long will you be staying with us? How long will you be staying in China? How long will you be staying in Canada? How much longer will you be working on my car? How much longer will you be practicing on the piano? How much longer will you be studying this evening? How much longer will you be driving? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180705/571051.html