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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第47期:以脸为代价

视频出处: 本影片片段来自《美少女的谎言》 I hate it when people do this to my work. 我讨厌别人这样对待我的作品 So it is yours. 这么说的确是你做的 My stamp on the back. 背面有我的标志 Which I guess is how you got here? 你们也是因为这个找到我的吧 Why'd you make it? 你为什么做这个面具 Didn't your friend tell you? 你们的朋友没告诉你们吗 No, she didn't. She's dead. 没有 她去世了 So, um, how did you guys meet? 你们是怎么认识的 Well, I put an ad on the internet. 我在网上发布了广告 I was looking for a model. 我想找个模特 I needed a Joan of Arc. 用来制作圣女贞德 Someone young and... 她要年轻 beautiful... 漂亮 and a warrior. 还要勇敢 Your friend was perfect. 你们的朋友完全符合要求 So you used her for Joan of Arc. 所以她给你做了圣女贞德的模特 What about the mask? 那这面具是怎么回事 You would make a great Medusa. 你的脸很适合做美杜莎 Thank you. 谢谢 I've got a client who would love you as Medusa. 你一定能让那位要美杜莎的顾客满意 I could do it where the snakes actually-- 我可以制作出蛇... You were telling us about our friend. 回到我们朋友的问题上 How many of those masks did you make? 那种面具你制作了多少 Suppose we do a little barter. 我们来做笔交易吧 I'll tell you what I know, 我给你们提供信息 and you give me something in return. 你们给我相应的回报 What do you want? 你想要什么 Your face. 你的脸 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180705/570959.html