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《美少女的谎言》第04季 第46期:不聪明的一群姐妹

视频出处: 本影片片段来自《美少女的谎言》第四季第三集 Hello. Okay. If we go through the children's wing and the service corridor, 好 如果我们从儿童房和服务走廊穿过去 We can upstairs without going through the wards. 就可以避开守卫上楼了 What if they changed the codes? 如果换密码了呢 Mona didn't give me the codes. She gave me the override numbers. 梦娜没给我密码 她给的是代理码 Mona must have been very impressed with you. 梦娜肯定对你很满意 I'm a fast learner. 谁让姐学得快呢 It's the same one. 是一样的 Not the same mask mona had on the train, 不是梦娜在火车上戴的那个 But it's the same face, the same expression. 但是是一样的脸一样的构造 They're from the same mold. Turn it over. 是同一个模子做的 翻过去看看 "Hector lime. Dimensional artist." "赫柯特·莱姆 空间艺术室" That's his web address under his name. 他名字下面有网址 His studio's on the far side of torch lake. 工作室在火炬湖远端 He makes masks and statues and props for horror films. 给恐怖片做面具雕塑支柱什么的 Ali went there, and he copied her face. 艾莉去之后 赫柯特复制了她的脸 If he made one, he must have made others. 如果他做过一个 那一定还做过别的 That's why we called you and Spencer. 所以我们才给你和斯宾塞打电话 Where is Spencer? 斯宾塞去哪儿了 I don't know. The call went straight to voicemail. 不知道 电话直接转入语音信箱了 Ali was at the studio. Both masks came from the same place. 艾莉去过工作室 两个面具都出自那里 Yeah, but we don't know how many there are or who has them... 但我们不知道总数量和持有者 And if they got them from Ali or from this guy's studio. 还有这些人是从艾莉那还是从工作室拿的 Let's go find out. 那我们就去弄清楚 Shouldn't we wait for Spencer? 不该等斯宾塞吗 No, we can handle this on our own. 不用了 我们自己可以解决 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180705/570958.html