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沛沛英语MP3 第二盒[上]

Unit 31 There're at least two hours. There were at least a hundred people present. The repairs will cost at least five thousand dollars. At least three hours slipped away. You may try it at least. You should at least have warned him. You might at least have told me. You should pay half of it at least. Unit 32 Would you go through the contract? I can't go through these letters in an hour. Go through the account. Go through the paper for the last time. Let's go through the discussion we're just talked about. I'd like you to go through the book. Let's go through the plan all together. I'm sorry. I haven't gone through it. Unit 33 Bad habits aren't easily given up. I gave up cigarettes. I give up, darling. I gave up playing football after I was hurt. I'll have to give up going for walks. That's too difficult, I give it up. I've given up the idea ling ago. I gave up the journey. Unit 34 I can hardly get out of the house. I hardly expected to find you still here. The questions you raised are hardly to the point. He hardly spoke a word the whole time. This is hardly the time for buying expensive clothes. You can hardly expect me to lend you something again. That's hardly the way to greet a friend. I can hardly believe that. Unit 35 I can give you some advice. Can you give me more information? Only poetry and painting give me pleasure. I'm sorry for giving you so much trouble. The invitation gives me particular joy. Only hard work gives good results. This is why I gave them the invitation. Unit 36 I'll come along as often as possible. I'll write as soon as possible. I'll be there as early as possible. I'll have to pack up as quickly as possible. I'll do it as much as possible. I've tried as hard as possible. You haven't worked as hard as possible. Will you help me as soon as possible? Unit 37 I'll explain the matter to you in my letter. Would you explain the question again? Would you explain it in English? I've got to think if a way to explain. I hope you can explain yourself. When you know you're wrong, never explain. Would you explain how to use it? I'll explain that in detail. Unit 38 I go there every day expect Sunday. I liked everywhere except under the bed. He would do anything except lending me money. I did nothing except work. I can do every thing except cooking. Your composition is good except for some misspelling s. He is prefect except that he smokes too much. Unit 39 We knew each other since we were children. You may have misunderstood each other. You probably influence each other. Our rooms are next to each other. Please tell the story to each other. We can help each other. Let's talk about our study plan with each other. You can sit done opposite to each other and talk. Unit 40 You must be tired, I assume. I assume that he has gone for a walk. I assume that there is no animal life on Mars. I assume he will come as soon as possible. I assume they don't want to see each other. This is what I have assumed. I assume you will be able to go home tomorrow. There must be something important, I assume. Unit 41 I've almost finished it. I almost ran all the way. It's almost eleven o'clock. She calls you almost every day. I agree with almost every word of yours. There is almost no snow this year. I almost didn't recognize you. I almost didn't pass the English exam. Unit 42 Have you ever been abroad? Have you ever been to the summer palace? Have you ever been to Mongolia? I've never been there. I've never been out of shanghai. I've been to many places in China. I've been there two or three times. Tibet is the only place I've never been to. Unit 43 It looks like rain. The rain looks like it's lasting. It looks like we'll have a white Christmas. It doesn't look like it to me. It looks like he is the right person. It looks like the economy is turning around. It looks like the price of gold will go up. It looks like the market here is limited. Unit 44 Perhaps you're asking for too much. We have too much in common. Do you have much interest in it? There's nothing much I can do. So much for today, good-bye. Since you started working you didn't come as much as you used to. I don't have much time to go. So much the better, it 'll be cooler. Unit 45 What do you feel like? Does anybody feel like drinking something? I don't feel like eating anything. I feel like lying on a bed and worrying about nothing now. I feel like another cup of milk. I don't feel like beer tonight. Do you feel like a swim? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180704/570760.html