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More than half of Brazilians and half of people in Spain expect their teams to lift the World Cup next month, a new survey has revealed. 一项新的调查显示,超过半数巴西人和西班牙人希望自己国家的球队能在7月份举起大力神杯。 This compares to only four in 100 people in the UK who believe the Three Lions are destined for victory. 相比之下,只有4%的英国人认为三狮军团(英格兰男子足球国家队的昵称)定能获胜。 Polling was conducted online by Ipsos MORI on 12,207 adults aged 16-64 across 27 countries, who are aware of the World Cup. 这项网络调查由伊普索莫利发起,调查对象包括来自27个国家的12207名了解世界杯的成年人(年龄在16-64岁)。 Almost half of Argentinians are expecting Argentina to go one step further in 2018 and win their first World Cup since 1986, while more than two in five Germans expect Germany to follow up on their 2014 win with a record-equaling fifth title in Russia. 几乎近半数阿根廷人期待阿根廷队在2018年世界杯走得更远,赢下自1986年以来阿根廷的首个世界杯冠军。而超过40%的德国人期望德国队能如2014年一样夺冠,在俄罗斯拿下第五座大力神杯,追平世界纪录。 Russians are the least passionate about football 俄罗斯人对足球最缺乏激情 Participants were also asked to rate how passionate they were about football in general, which revealed that Russians are the least passionate of all those polled. 调查还要求参与者给自己热爱足球的程度打分,结果显示,俄罗斯人是所有调查对象中最缺乏激情的。 Over a third of Russians (36 percent) stated that they don’t follow football and don’t watch matches. Some 35 percent of Russians said that they only very occasionally watch football matches when played by the national side or leading club sides. 超过三分之一的俄罗斯人(36%)表示,他们不关注足球,也不看比赛。约35%的俄罗斯人称,他们只会偶尔观看国家队或顶级俱乐部参与的足球比赛。 Together this means that 71 percent of respondents from the 2018 World Cup host nation were either completely uninterested in football, or had only a passing interest. 这意味着来自2018年世界杯主办国71%的受访者对足球完全不感兴趣,或者只有三分钟热度。 At the other end of the scale, more than four in 10 Saudi Arabians say they are passionate about football and watch as many games as possible at any given time. 与此相反,超过四成沙特阿拉伯人称他们热爱足球,并且随时都会尽可能观看比赛。 Peru and India rated as the next most passionate football nations, with 38 percent and 31 percent of individuals from those countries respectively saying that they were passionate followers of football. 秘鲁和印度的排名紧随其后,分别有38%的秘鲁人和31%的印度人称他们是忠实足球迷。 Even split between Germany and Brazil 德国队和巴西队势均力敌 Germany and Brazil currently lead the pack in terms of worldwide predictions on who is going to be victorious in Moscow on the 15th of July. 目前,德国队和巴西队在全球的夺冠呼声最高。 Between those two Germany has the slightest of edges on Brazil, with 23 percent of all those polled predicting World Cup joy for Germany, while 21 percent think Brazil will lift the trophy for the first time since 2002. 在这两者之间,德国队的夺冠呼声略高于巴西队,23%的调查对象预测世界杯冠军是德国队,而21%的调查对象认为,巴西将自2002年以来首次捧起大力神杯。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180703/570459.html