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Italy has blocked the adoption of any agreements at the European Union summit in Brussels, demanding that the bloc do more to help Rome's migration CRIsis. 意大利阻止欧盟在布鲁塞尔的峰会达成任何协议,要求欧盟对帮助意大利应对非法移民危机做出更多努力。 Italy's month-old populist government refused to sign any joint agreements, instead holding out for action by other European countries to help deal with the migrants and refugees coming to Italy from North Africa. 上任一个月的意大利民粹主义政府拒绝在任何欧盟协议上签字,除非欧盟其它成员帮助应对从北非抵达意大利的非法移民和难民。 "Italy doesn't need any more verbal signs, but concrete deeds,'' Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte said. 意大利总理孔特说:“意大利需要的不是更多的言词,而是切实的行动。” Summit participants are planning to set up screening facilities in North African countries to slow the stream of people crossing the Mediterranean Sea to get to the EU, often through Italy. While no countries have as yet agreed to host such screening posts, EU leaders hope to entice them with aid money. 欧盟峰会的与会国计划在非洲北部国家设立甄别设施,减缓渡过地中海前往欧洲,其中大多数抵达意大利的人潮。目前没有任何国家同意在本国建立甄别设施,但是欧盟领导人希望以援助资金鼓励各国接受这个计划。 Arrivals to the continent have dropped sharply since a 2015 CRIsis that drew sharp divisions among the bloc's 28 members about how they should respond. Some countries promoted more open-door policies, while others set up barriers to prevent those who reached Europe from crossing their borders. 抵达欧洲的非法移民和难民人数比2015年有大幅度下降。2015年的难民潮引发欧盟28个成员国之间有关如何应对这个危机的分歧。一些国家主张采取更开放的政策,另一些国家则设立屏障,阻止抵达欧洲的人入境。 The EU said in 2015 there were more than 1.8 million illegal border crossings into member countries. EU President Donald Tusk wrote in a letter ahead of the summit the number of illegal crossings has dropped by 96 percent since its peak. 欧盟说,2015年有180万人非法越境进入欧盟国家。欧盟主席塔斯克在这次峰会前的一份信函中说,非法越境进入欧盟的人数从最高峰时期下降了96%。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180630/569780.html