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专四美文听写训练 第25期:人生感悟(05)

Offer Nothing but a Smile A smile is a glow on our face. It is more powerful than a bulb of one thousand watts and the warmth it gives can serve us more than any electric heater. We are not fully dressed until we wear a smile on our face. A smile has a power of liberating one from the loneliness. There are many friends to receive it and return it abundantly. It was a great relief to understand the purpose behind offering a flower to god. A flower is a symbol of gratitude. The blossoming is the indication of living life in its full light, realizing its totality. It indicates the peak of necessity. There cannot be a level of being higher than it. And the offering is the proof of being thankful to god for the creation of such a tremendously beautiful world. A smile is the door to that gratefulness. If a flower is offered without a smile, it has no meaning; it is merely acting but not living. However, the acting can be a progressive phenomenon but the offering without a smile can drag us only behind, it cannot lead us forward. In prayer, the need is the offering of a smile; the flower is only an accessory. It should be remembered that a symbol is only a symbol. We can be full of love and life when we are even able to offer a smile to the trees, to the paths, to the buildings, to the sun and to the sky. The existence is hungry for our facial expression. It is good to satisfy that hunger. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180625/568522.html