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TED十佳演讲之败中求胜 不要一悔再悔(12)

The third way that I think we can help make our peace with regret is through the passage of time, which, as we know, heals all wounds-except for tattoos, which are permanent. 第三点我想就是通过时间的流逝来慢慢平和地面对遗憾,我想,时间抚平一切—除了纹身大概是永久性的。 So it's been several years since I got my own tattoo. And do you guys just want to see it? All right. 我纹身也有几年了。你们想看看吗?没问题。 Actually, you know what, I should warn you, you're going to be disappointed. 不过我得先声明一下,你们可能会失望。 Because it's actually not that hideous. I didn't tattoo Marilyn Manson's face on some indiscreet part of myself or something. 因为这个纹身并不那么糟糕。我可没把玛莉莲·曼森的脸纹到什么隐私部位。 When other people see my tattoo, for the most part they like how it looks. 别人看到我的纹身基本上都还挺喜欢。 It's just that I don't like how it looks. And as I said earlier, I'm a perfectionist. But I'll let you see it anyway. 只是我不喜欢这个图案。正如我之前所说,我是个完美主义者。不过我还是会给你们看看。 This is my tattoo. I can guess what some of you are thinking. 我的纹身。我知道你们有些人会怎么想。 So let me reassure you about something. Some of your own regrets are also not as ugly as you think they are. 那么让我告诉你,有些你后悔的东西并不是你以为的那么糟糕。 I got this tattoo because I spent most of my 20s living outside the country and traveling. 我纹这个是因为我二十来岁的时候,基本都是在其他国家旅行。 And when I came and settled in New York afterward, I was worried that I would forget some of the most important lessons that I learned during that time. 后来当我到纽约定居后,我怕自己会忘记在那期间我认识到一些重要的东西。 Specifically the two things I learned about myself that I most didn't want to forget was how important it felt to keep exploring, 特别有两点我最不想忘记,一是不要停止探索的脚步, simultaneously, how important it is to somehow keep an eye on your own true north. 二是不要忘记你心中的目标。 And what I loved about this image of the compass was that I felt like it encapsulated both of these ideas in one simple image. 我当初喜欢这个指南针图案,就是因为觉得这个图案将上述两点含括于内。 And I thought it might serve as a kind of permanent mnemonic device. 我想这个会变成我永久的记忆。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180624/568270.html