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骑士与少女 第374期:艾瑞克的讨论(11)

If you're on annulment, you're you know, you're still in good standing with the church 如果你的婚姻被宣布无效 那么你在教堂中仍被认为是完好无损的 or you'll still marry somebody else within the church without any dispensation, okay? 你可以和教堂的其他人结婚 不用受到限制 明白吗 Predication for an annulment is what? 婚姻无效的声明表示什么 Well consummation hasn't taken place okay 夫妻结合没有发生 and so they're there to make sure that the wedding the marriage is consummated 所以他们都在这里时为了确保婚礼的圆满成功 and therefore in the eyes of the church is a real marriage 对于教堂而言这是一场真正的婚礼 So that's why all these people here 这就是所有人都聚在这里的原因 It's not any kind of weird stuff 并不是出于什么奇怪的原因 They refer then and this makes no sense to you at all 他们所指代的东西对于你们来说也许没有意义 They refer, about line 8 to this Brengien 他们指的是在第八行左右Brengien B-R-E-N-G-I-E-N B-R-E-N-G-I-E-N What's this referring to? 这个指的是什么呢 I told you last time that evidently about 1165 or time before, whenever 我上次说过显然是在1165以前 About 1165 that we don't have a copy of, that evidently Chrétien wrote something on Tristan and Isolde and Mark 大概在1165年左右我们还没有誊写本证明 克雷蒂安写了一些关于特里斯坦和伊索尔德及马克的东西 And what happens is after Mark; and Mark is supposed to marry Isolde 在马克之后还发生了一些事情 他应该是和伊索尔德结婚了 We're gonna read this, not to ruin the whole story for you 我们要读一下这个 而不破坏这个故事的完整性 But he's supposed to marry Isolde 但是他应该和伊索尔德结婚 but Isolde and Tristan have already fallen in love 但是伊索尔德和特里斯坦已经坠入爱河 And they have been been bad, bad children 他们是不好的孩子 And so they're gonna wonder, how they're gonna fake mark out on the wedding night 所以他们就要想一想 他们怎么在婚礼那天夜里骗过马克 that she's supposed to be a virgin 原本她应该还是个处女 And so Bregainie, her kind of niece waiting, lady in waiting 所以她的某个侄女 侍女Bregainie They tell her since she's a virgin, she's gonna have to spend the night with Mark 他们知道他还是个处女以后 要让她在婚礼的夜晚和马克共度良宵 So Mark is faked out and of course the man being stupid 马克被骗了 这样来看这个男人还真够蠢的 Mark is faked out 马克被骗了 So this is referring to Tristan and Isolde 所以这个指的是伊索尔德和特里斯坦 Which he, I guess assumes people have read or heard of before they read this 也许人们都听说过或知道他 在读这个故事之前 So then we have the actual night 之后我们就有了这个真正意义上的夜晚 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180624/568222.html