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That's what I would like you to do, and I'd like you to use it as a stick with which to beat your politicians. 这是我希望你做的,我希望你用它当一根棍子来鞭策你的政党。 When you elect them, when you reelect them, when you vote for them, when you listen to what they're offering you, 当你选举他们或重选他们的时候,当你为他们投票,听他们说他们能给你带来什么的时候, use that word, "good," and ask yourself, "Is that what a good country would do?" 用“好”这个词,并问你自己,“这是一个好国家会做的事吗?” And if the answer is no, be very suspicious. 如果答案是不,那就要持怀疑态度。 Ask yourself, is that the behavior of my country? 问你自己,这种行为是我的国家该有的吗? Do I want to come from a country where the government, in my name, is doing things like that? 我愿意来自于一个政府以我的名义做这种事情的国家吗? Or do I, on the other hand, prefer the idea of walking around the world with my head held high thinking, 或者我,从另一方面来说,更喜欢在周游世界的时候可以抬头挺胸的说, "Yeah, I'm proud to come from a good country"? And everybody will welcome you. “是的,我很自豪的来自于一个好国家”?每个人都会欢迎你。 And everybody in the last 15 seconds before they drift off to sleep at night will say, 每个人都会在他们睡前都15秒钟说, "Gosh, I'm glad that person's country exists." “我为这个国家都存在感到骄傲。” Ultimately, that, I think, is what will make the change. 最终,我认为,这是改变的原因。 That word, "good," and the number 6.8 and the discovery that's behind it have changed my life. 这个词,“好”,还有6.8这个数字,还有这背后的发现,改变了我的人生。 I think they can change your life, 我想它们也能改变你的人生, and I think we can use it to change the way that our politicians and our companies behave, 我认为我们能用它来改变我们的政党和企业的行为, and in doing so, we can change the world. 这样,我们就可以改变世界。 I've started thinking very differently about my own country since I've been thinking about these things. 我开始以非常不同的方式考虑我自己的国家,自从我开始思考这些事情。 I used to think that I wanted to live in a rich country, 我曾经想我会愿意住在一个富有的国家, and then I started thinking I wanted to live in a happy country, but I began to realize, it's not enough. 后来我想我会愿意住在一个快乐的国家,但我开始意识到,这些都不够。 I don't want to live in a rich country. I don't want to live in a fast-growing or competitive country. 我不想住在一个富有的国家。我不想住在一个快速发展或是竞争力强的国家。 I want to live in a good country, and I so, so hope that you do too. Thank you. 我想住在一个好国家,而且我十分、十分希望你也这么想。多谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180623/568074.html