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专四美文听写训练 第23期:人生感悟(03)

Where is Happiness? Life is like a winding path surrounded by flowers, butterflies, and delicious fruits, but many of us spend much time looking for happiness around the next corner. We do not bend to enjoy the happiness which is ours for the taking just at our feet. We can find happiness today if we only look. Happiness is in our hearts and asks only to be celebrated and valued. It comes from within. If we fill our mind with pleasant thoughts and try to look on the bright side, we invite happiness. Our fears try to prevent us from feeling joy and pleasure. The fearful part of us would like us to be in a constant state of watching over our shoulder and of doubting the future. Imagine going to be fitted for new glasses. Your sight will be improved, and you will see things more clearly. Consider adjusting your mind in a similar way. As uNPRoductive, unhelpful thoughts creep into your consciousness, replace them with better-fitting thoughts that focus on joy and pleasure. Happiness is all around us, but it often comes in small grains. When we gather it grain by grain, we soon have a basketful. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180623/567995.html