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TED十佳演讲之败中求胜 不要一悔再悔(10)

Now there is a case to be made that control freaks and perfectionists should not get tattoos, and I'm going to return to that point in a few minutes. 那么有一点就是控制狂和完美主义者千万别纹身,一会儿我会提到这一点。 But first I want to say that the intensity and persistence with which we experience these emotional components of regret is obviously going to vary depending on the specific thing that we're feeling regretful about. 首先是我们体验到的懊悔各阶段的强度和持久度,很显然是取决于后悔的特定对象。 So for instance, here's one of my favorite automatic generators of regret in modern life. 比如这就是一个常常导致我后悔的例子。 Right. And the amazing thing about this really insidious technological innovation is that even just with this one thing, we can experience a huge range of regret. 是的。这个狡猾的技术发明的奇特之处就是,仅仅是这样一个东西就足够让你无比后悔。 You know, you can accidentally hit "reply all" to an email and torpedo a relationship. 你知道,你可能不小心点了这个按钮,然后断送了一段恋爱。 Or you can just have an incredibly embarrassing day at work. Or you can have your last day at work. 或者就是在办公室里羞愧地想钻地洞或者被炒鱿鱼。 And this doesn't even touch on the really profound regrets of a life. 这些比起真正的生命中的遗憾完全不算什么。 Because of course, sometimes we do make decisions that have irrevocable and terrible consequences, 因为有时候我们的决定会导致无可挽回的结果, either for our own or for other people's health and happiness and livelihoods, and in the very worst case scenario, even their lives. 也许是关于自己或者别人的健康、幸福或者生活之类,最严重的是涉及到别人的生命。 Now obviously, those kinds of regrets are incredibly piercing and enduring. 很显然那些遗憾会无比痛苦且持久。 I mean, even the stupid "reply all" regrets can leave us in a fit of excruciating agony for days. 甚至仅仅是愚蠢的“恢复给所有人”就能折磨我们好几天。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180623/567994.html