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TED十佳演讲之败中求胜 不要一悔再悔(09)

But I want to suggest that there's also a fifth one. 但我想说还有第五阶段。 And I think of this as a kind of existential wake-up call. 我想这是一种自我觉醒。 That night in my apartment, after I got done kicking myself and so forth, I lay in bed for a long time, and I thought about skin grafts. 那晚我在公寓里反反复复讨伐自己后,我躺在床上很久,想着植皮。 And then I thought about how, much as travel insurance doesn't cover acts of God, probably my health insurance did not cover acts of idiocy. 然后我想到旅行保险可不保自然灾害,那么我的医疗保险自然也不包括自己干的蠢事。 In point of fact, no insurance covers acts of idiocy. 没有什么保险保自己干的蠢事。 The whole point of acts of idiocy is that they leave you totally uninsured; they leave you exposed to the world and exposed to your own vulnerability and fallibility in face of, frankly, a fairly indifferent universe. 愚蠢的结果就是自己完全无保障;你完全袒露在这个世界面前,袒露在你自身的脆弱和不可谱面前,事实上,这是个相对无情的世界。 This is obviously an incredibly painful experience. 这很明显是个十分痛苦的经历。 And I think it's particularly painful for us now in the West in the grips of what I sometimes think of as a Control-Z culture-Control-Z like the computer command, undo. 我想这对于西方人来说,这种Control-Z文化是无比痛苦的—Control-Z就是电脑键盘上的命令,撤消。 We're incredibly used to not having to face life's hard realities, in a certain sense. 在某种意义上,我们曾经不用去面对残酷的现实。 We think we can throw money at the problem or throw technology at the problem-we can undo and unfriend and unfollow. 我们以为用钱或者科技就能解决问题—我们能撤消,能解除好友关系,取消关注。 And the problem is that there are certain things that happen in life that we desperately want to change and we cannot. 但问题是生活中有很多我们迫切地期望改变,但是不行。 Sometimes instead of Control-Z, we actually have zero control. 有时候不是撤消,而是无法控制。 And for those of us who are control freaks and perfectionists-and I know where of I speak-this is really hard, because we want to do everything ourselves and we want to do it right. 而对于那些控制狂和完美主义者—我知道我说自己呢—这是非常糟糕的,因为我们想亲力亲为每件事并绝对做好。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180623/567993.html