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And it was actually a very important experience, you know, I got out of Harvard, I was arrogant, I thought I was holier than thou, 这其实是个很重要的经历,我哈佛毕业时,很自负,我认为自己比谁都神圣 and this was a real humbling experience that was especially important for me, because 这是个非常令人羞辱的经历,对我而言尤其重要,因为 the next year I went to work in Asia, and there, the worst that I could do was to be arrogant. 第二年我去亚洲工作,在那里,自负是最糟糕的事情 So this humbling experience actually helped me a great deal in my future career, as well as helped me put things in perspective. 所以这个令人羞辱的经历对我后来的生活有很大帮助,也帮助我正确对待事情 When I came to Harvard, I was the only one in my program to fail the general qualifying exams, 当我来到哈佛,我是项目中唯一没通过资格统考的人 it was a hard blow, it was difficult, but it turned out to be a very good experience, you know why? Because 这是沉重的打击,很艰难,但结果是个很好的经历,知道为什么?因为 I had to study the exact same material and these huge books and articles 我得把相同的教材这些厚厚的书和文章 all over again, and know them not just at the basic level, I had to know them extremely well because that was the condition 重新学习一遍不只是达到基本水平,我要学得非常好,因为这是条件 that the professors gave for me staying in the program. 是教授让我留在这个项目组的条件 And it was so good because I learned the material so well 这非常好,因为我把教材融会贯通 that I know social psychology today probably better than anyone I know, and that helps me a great deal. It helps me a great deal 我的社会心理学,现在大概比我认识的任何人都好,这帮了我很大忙 in putting together this course 1504, and there is no place I would rather be than here. God, I am so lucky. 它帮我把这个1504课程整合起来,没什么地方比这里更让我喜欢待的。天,我真幸运 Same reality, different interpretations. 同样的事实,不同的诠释 Just remember, much of what we experience, we co-create. See you next week. 只要记住,我们经历的大部分事情,我们参与创造,下星期见 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180623/567948.html