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骑士与少女 第373期:艾瑞克的讨论(10)

And so we only learn it here for the first time Enid 我们在这里第一次接触到了伊妮德 And so this is a fairly standard feature of Chrétien in general 这是克雷蒂安所特有的形式 Chrétien will not name his characters until later in their works 克雷蒂安不到他作品的最后不会给他的人物命名 When we get to Percival; Percival doesn't even know his name 当我们说到Percival的时候 Percival甚至都不知道自己的名字 'cause everybody had called him beautiful son or fair child or something else 因为所有的人都称他为漂亮的儿子或美丽的孩子 或者其他一些东西 And so when he's finally asked his name he says, "Percival?" 所以当最后问到他名字的时候他说"Percival"吗 I don't even know why you know that's my name, that's well into the world 我都不知道这是我的名字 没事 So this is a stylistic characteristic also Chrétien 所以说这是克雷蒂安特有的 So everybody has this big party 所有人都加入到这个大聚会之中 Sounds like home coming weekend to me 就像周末归家一样 And now we get to the good stuff over here on 20-69 on page 28 现在我们看看28页的内容第2069行 And wedding night is an opportunity for observation 婚礼之夜是个观察的好时机 It says, "but I pass over all the rest to let you hear of the joy and delights of the marriage chamber in bed 这里写道"我让你感受到新婚之夜的欢笑和快乐" That night when the union was to be consummated 就在这一夜 他们结合了 bishops and Archbishops were in attendance" 而主教与大主教都出席了 They have to be celibates? 他们需要禁欲吗 So they wanna go watch? 他们想要去看一看吗 What's this about? 这是关于什么的 What's one of the things you can do on the Catholic church if you're married? 在天主教堂如果你结婚以后 你能做的事是什么 You can do it in the Episcopal Church too 那你也同样可以在苏格兰圣公会做 I don't know if you can do it in other churches 我不知道在别的教堂可不可以做这些 You can seek what? 可以干嘛 annulment 宣布无效 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180623/567915.html