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骑士与少女 第372期:艾瑞克的讨论(09)

So anyway, now that Erec and his fair babies are there, 这里 埃里克和他漂亮的孩子在这里 Guine and again, we said something about the role of women determining things 我们要来说说女性的角色起决定作用的一些事情 And again you know Guinevere's has been kind of bossing Arthur around 你知道桂尼维尔有点对亚瑟王呼来换去 She says, 'you can't give the kiss' 她说"你知道你不能献出你的吻" you know it's a lot Oh okay 说了很多了 噢 好的 And now she says you can give the kiss and Arthur speaks 现在她说可以献出他的吻了 然后亚瑟才说 and we get back to what his role is 这里我们又回到了他的角色 And this is kind of what we find in White 这是我们在怀特的书中所找到的 about line 1791, 92 on page 24 大概在24页1791, 92行 It says, "It is the business of a true king to uphold the law through good faith and justice" 里面说道"这是一个国王通过诚信和正义来维护法律的义务 Kind of what Arthur does in White's book too 这也是在怀特的书所写的里亚瑟王的作为 All agree that Erec's fair maiden is the most beautiful 大家都认为艾瑞克的妻子是最美丽的 and so she is kissed in courtly fashion, lest you wonder 如果你们想知道 亚瑟以庄严的方式吻了她 On courtly fashion, whatever that is by Arthur 庄严的方式 总之是亚瑟的方式 and he will love her with all his heart 他会全心全意的爱她 as Arthur saying this to Enid, "without baseness or impropriety" 就像亚瑟对伊妮德所说的"毫无非分之想" Boring 无聊 And so ends the first part 到这里第一部分就结束了 And so what we get here is we're just getting Erec finds a wife 到这里我们只是看到艾瑞克找到了妻子 Now obviously at this point everybody could live happily ever after 很明显所有人都可以快乐地永远生活下去 But obviously he'd be way short of 7000 lines 但是作者离写满7000行还远着呢 And what does he learn? 他学到了什么呢 He hasn't learned anything about except how to quest for a wife 除了把妻子追到手他别的东西什么也没学会 And so there has to be something go wrong here 所以这里肯定有一些纰漏 So the stuff is taken back to the future wife's parents as was promised by Erec 问题在于 艾瑞克曾向未婚妻的父母承诺过他们要结婚 And they plan to marry when at? Pentecost 之后他们计划在何时完婚 在圣灵降临节时吗 Everything's a Pentecost at Arthurs court 所有事都在圣灵降临节那天在亚瑟宫殿举行 We now have Arthur sponsoring the wedding and we have her name 现在我们知道了亚瑟在筹划婚礼 我们也知道了女方的名字 and it says it's an old custom here on page 27 line 2025 在27页2025行 说有一个古老的风俗 When Erec took his wife he had to call her by her proper name 当艾瑞克与妻子成婚的时候 必须以妻子的真名称呼她 "for otherwise unless she is called by her true name 因为如果不叫她的真名 she is not a married woman, as yet her name was not known to anyone" 她就不是个已婚女人 正如她的名字还不为人知一样 So old custom of not knowing first names 这就是关于不知道姓氏的古老风俗 and we talk about magical power over people 我们说到了一些过人的神奇力量 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180623/567914.html