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Now the other thing you'll notice about the top 10 there is, 另外一件你注意到的前十名的事情是, of course, they're all, apart from New Zealand, Western European nations. 当然,除了新西兰以外,它们都是欧州国家。 They're also all rich. This depressed me, 它们也很富有。这让我很沮丧, because one of the things that I did not want to discover with this index is that 因为我不想在这套数据中发现 it's purely the province of rich countries to help poor countries. 纯粹是富国在帮助穷国。 This is not what it's all about. And indeed, if you look further down the list, 这不是这个指数的含义。的确,如果你继续往下看名单, I don't have the slide here, you will see something that made me very happy indeed, 我并没有幻灯片,但你会发现一些让我非常愉快的事情, that Kenya is in the top 30, and that demonstrates one very, very important thing. 肯尼亚在前30名里,这表明了一件非常非常重要但事情。 This is not about money. This is about attitude. This is about culture. 这与钱无关。这是态度问题。这是文化问题。 This is about a government and a people that care about the rest of the world 这是那些政府和人民他们关注世界其他地区, and have the imagination and the courage to think outwards instead of only thinking selfishly. 并有想像力及勇气去向外看,而不只是自私的考虑自己。 I'm going to whip through the other slides just so you can see some of the lower-lying countries. 我会很快的略过其他幻灯片,为了让你看到一些排在后面的国家。 There's Germany at 13th, the U.S. comes 21st, Mexico comes 66th, 德国第13,美国第21,墨西哥第66, and then we have some of the big developing countries, like Russia at 95th, China at 107th. 然后我们看到一些发展中国家,俄罗斯第95,中国107。 Countries like China and Russia and India, 像中国、俄罗斯、印度这样的国家, which is down in the same part of the index, well, in some ways, it's not surprising. 大概在排名在差不多的位置,从某种意义上来说并不让人吃惊。 They've spent a great deal of time over the last decades building their own economy, 他们花很多时间,在过去的几十年中建立自己的经济系统, building their own society and their own polity, 建立他们自己的社会和体系, but it is to be hoped that the second phase of their growth will be somewhat more outward-looking than the first phase has been so far. 但我们希望是,他们发展的第二个阶段能够比第一阶段更看得远。 And then you can break down each country in terms of the actual datasets that build into it. 然后你可以将每个国家按实际多数据集分开看。 I'll allow you to do that. From midnight tonight it's going to be on goodcountry.org, and you can look at the country. 我会让你这么做。从今天半夜开始它会在goodcountry.org上,你可以看看每个国家。 You can look right down to the level of the individual datasets. 你可以直接看到每个层次的单个数据集。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180622/567784.html