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And you're waiting for me to tell you which one comes top. 你在等我告诉你哪个国家是第一名。 And I'm going to tell you, but first of all I want to tell you precisely what I mean when I say a good country. 我会告诉你,但首先让我告诉你我对于一个好国家的精确定义是什么。 I do not mean morally good. 我并不是说道德上的好。 When I say that Country X is the goodest country on Earth, and I mean goodest, I don't mean best. 当我说某国家是世界上最好的国家,而且我说的是最好,而不是最优秀的。 Best is something different. When you're talking about a good country, you can be good, gooder and goodest. 最优秀是另一个意思。当你说一个国家是好国家,你可以是好的,更好的和最好的。 It's not the same thing as good, better and best. 它与优秀的,更优秀的和最优秀的不同。 This is a country which simply gives more to humanity than any other country. 这是一个单纯为人类和其他国家的国家贡献更多。 I don't talk about how they behave at home because that's measured elsewhere. 我不是说它们在家的行为如何,因为那是用其他东西来衡量的。 And the winner is Ireland. 优胜者是爱尔兰。 According to the data here, no country on Earth, per head of population, per dollar of GDP, 根据数据,世界上没有任何一个国家,平均每个人,国内生产总值的每块钱, contributes more to the world that we live in than Ireland. 比爱尔兰给予世界的更多。 What does this mean? This means that as we go to sleep at night, 这意味着什么?这意味着每晚我们睡前, all of us in the last 15 seconds before we drift off to sleep, 我们所有人在睡前的15秒钟, our final thought should be, godammit, I'm glad that Ireland exists. And that... 我们最后的一个想法应该是,该死的,我真为爱尔兰的存在感到庆幸。这... In the depths of a very severe economic recession, 在每场剧烈的经济萧条期, I think that there's a really important lesson there, 我想这都是一个重要的功课, that if you can remember your international obligations whilst you are trying to rebuild your own economy, 如果你能记得你的国际责任,在你重建本国经济的同时, that's really something. Finland ranks pretty much the same. 那是件了不起的事。芬兰排名差不太多。 The only reason why it's below Ireland is because its lowest score is lower than Ireland's lowest score. 它之所以排在爱尔兰之后,是因为它的最低分比爱尔兰的最低分低。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180622/567783.html